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This mod adds Blue Chicken Mayonnaise, Blue Chicken Eggs, Golden Mayonnaise, Ostrich Mayonnaise, and full quality levels for all mayonnaise types!
Includes configs for Infertile Dinosaur Eggs and the base chance for higher quality mayo.

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Are you like me? Do you feel Blue Chickens were disappointing? How about mayonnaise in general?

Now Includes *Golden* and *Ostrich* Mayo!

If so, this mod is for you! You will find that Blue Chickens now have a deluxe produce in the form of Blue Chicken Eggs, which can be either incubated for more Blue Chickens or turned into Blue Mayonnaise! The values for the new mayos have been balanced to make each type of coop critter worth having, not only from a variety pov but a value one.

For example; In vanilla an Ostrich Egg gives you 10 Mayonnaise of quality equal to the egg (e.g., a gold star egg will give 10 gold star mayo). I've created a new Ostrich Mayonnaise that is worth slightly more than 10/3 of regular mayo, and you get three per egg. The quality levels are calculated as all mayo quality is with the mod, and they count as Large eggs (so they get the 10% increased chance of maintaining the egg quality level). This means that you should get about the same value out of your ostrich eggs, but the fun of having a new mayo type!

Golden eggs will give you 1 golden mayo that is worth as much as 3 regular mayo, again matching the balance of vanilla but adding the fun of a special mayonnaise :)

MayonnaisePlusPlus introduces the full spread of qualities for mayonnaise, from no-star to iridium! The way this works is that there's a 50% base chance your mayo will be the same quality as the egg you put in, otherwise it's the next quality down. So a Gold quality egg will have a 50% of making Gold quality mayo and a 50% chance of making Silver. This can be modified with the Artisan Profession, increasing the odds of the higher quality outcome by 20%, or by 10% if using a Large Egg. Both of these would combine for an 80% chance of maintaining quality. Further, small eggs are limited to Gold quality mayo, but a small Iridium egg has a 10% bonus chance at producing a Gold quality egg.

I wanted to allow the player to have high quality mayo and for the quality of the egg to matter, but I also wanted to have a little bit of randomness, so it's not a given. In that same spirit, by default Dinosaurs will lay "Dino Eggs", which are infertile. You will only be able to get more Dinosaurs by finding Dinosaur Eggs the hard way. This can be turned off in the config.json, where you can also modify "QualityThreshold", which is the chance of creating a higher quality mayo from your eggs.

I'm open to suggestions for tweaking things, so let me know in the comments!

FYI: This mod requires JsonAssets to function.

If you like my work you can send me a tip at my ko-fi page, or even support me on the regular on my Patreon.