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Adds Extra Heart Events for Maru.

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[This mod is basically abandoned, if you like it and can fix it, feel free to take it and do whatever with it. Use parts of it for other mods, copy the events, do whatever you want. I just can't fix it myself for various reasons, so I'm leaving it up for anyone else to take as they please.]

More Maru Events

This Mod adds extra heart events for Maru, expanding on her family relationships, her friendships, and her personal motivations and relationship with the Farmer.

5 new events:
  • A Three Heart Event expanding on her friendship with Penny.
  • A Five Heart Event expanding on her relationship with her mother, Robin.
  • A Seven Heart Event exploring her motivations and goals.
  • A Nine Heart Event where you can celebrate her birthday with her.
  • And a secondary event that follows on from her main Ten Heart Event.

Other events are planned in future, like post marriage events, but there's no timeline for that yet.

How To Trigger Events:

Bugs & Issues:
If you come across anything that doesn't work right, please let me know! (Or if you just spot any typos or spelling errors in dialogue...)
Additionally, if the writing feels awkward or poorly paced at any point, I'm also interested in feedback for that too!

I've never written a mod before so feedback is super vital here, and I appreciate all of it!

A big shout out to Siv's Custom Event Guide which gave me the basics for how to make these events to start with, as well as to Brin's MaruPenny Rival Events Mod, since I poured over her mod to analyse how it worked when I was stuck with my own.

Mods Featured in Screenshots are:
Seasonal Diverse Valley / Eemie's Map Recolour / Flower Valley / Stardew Valley Expanded / Vintage Interface / Flower Decorative UI.
(My Farmer is the work of Kisekae, Missy's Shirts, Coii's Hair, and Ran's Flower Dance Attire for the puff sleeves.)