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Adds various recipes using Bugmeat

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Adds 13 lore-friendly recipes to the game that use Bug Meat as a core ingredient.

The recipes are:

  • Bug Meatloaf
  • Bugmeat and Beans
  • Bugmeat and Chips
  • Bugmeat Broth
  • Bugmeat Burger
  • Bugmeat Ice Cream
  • Bugrito
  • Cave Gumbo
  • Critter Fritter
  • Grub Kebab
  • Mutant Grub Kebab
  • Noodle Worm Soup
  • Stinkbug Stew

Compatible with SVE.

Unlocking the recipes:
After reaching 4 hearts with Linus, you will receive a mail from him the next day asking you to meet him at the Adventurer's Guild. There will be a small cut-scene where he donates a copy of his Bugmeat Recipes book to the guild members, including you.
In the event, Linus states that some of the recipes got lost. Krobus has found these but some of them he will only part with during certain seasons.

Once the mod is run once, you can edit the config to instead learn the recipes via mail after 4 hearts with Linus, or learn them immediately with no requirements.
(Small 'blip' event will trigger when you leave the Farm House, for you to learn the recipes.)

Mod request by Traehgniw

This mod requires SMAPI, Content Patcher & JSON Assets.