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  1. shade6116
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    so is this mod only compatible with earlier versions of smapi? I got a message saying it couldn't be added to the game
  2. cavemannavi
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    I downloaded the mod and the other one it requires but when i play the game it doesn't seem to make a difference?  When fishing i still get impossible to catch fish or just trash like "soggy newspaper" or "broken cd."  Is there something else i need to do or do i have the wrong version of the game?  How do you even know what version you have, I bought and downloaded from steam.
  3. ArtsyKitty
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    so the mod seems to work in 1.5 but i dont know how to use the config.jason.

    i just wanna have a chance at catching good fish :'(
  4. dariuswolfe
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    I get this in the SMAPI console when I run with this mod:

    [SMAPI] No update keys
    [SMAPI] --------------------------------------------------
    [SMAPI] These mods have no update keys in their manifest. SMAPI may not notify you about updates for these mods. Consider notifying the mod authors about this problem.

    [SMAPI] - Easy Fishing (ported to SMAPI)

    It doesn't seem to cause any issues with the game, but I figured I'd let you know.
  5. kertenkelerifki
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    how to install this mod?
    1. Quirinea
      • member
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      Install SMAPI and Content patcher (see Description page and follow the links for further information), then just drop the mod (inner folder, not the one with a list of numbers at the end of name) into your Mods' folder.