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About this mod

Adds drinkable water into the game. Please re-hydrate yourself in-game and IRL.

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Please drink more water, re-hydrate yourself.


About this mod:
This is a Json Asset mod. It adds drinkable water so you can re-hydrate yourself. This mod is designed to be new farmer friendly.

What's New:
  • Version B, in this version the recipe of Raw Water is unobtainable or un-buyable. The only way to get Raw Water is to depends on the machines or buying it at Pierre's.
  • New balanced sell price:
    • Raw Water: Buy 2G, Sell 1G
    • Water: Buy 5, Sell 2g
    • Bottled Water: Buy 10g, Sell 5G

  1. First, you need to have Json Asset and SMAPI installed, or else this mod is useless. Optionally Custom Farming Redux to make custom machines work.
  2. If this is your first installation, skip this step. Before placing the mod into "Mods" folder, deleting old mod file is recommended to avoid some problems.
  3. Unzip this mod to "Mods" folder.
  4. Done

  1. Delete the mod.
  2. Done.

This Mod Contains:
This mod comes with 3 different types of H2O:
  • Raw Water* (Crafting, default): 10 Fibers. Can be bought at Pierre's.
  • Water (Cooking, default): 1 Raw Water. Can be bought at Gus'.
  • Bottled Water (Cooking, default): 2 Waters. Can be bought at Gus'.

Default means that you don't need to buy recipe to craft or cook it.

*Version B, the recipe will be unobtainable.

Optional Files:
  • Kettle (Crafting, default): 10 Woods, 5 Stones. Can be bought at Robin's. Needs Custom Farming Redux.
  • Used as alternative to cooking if player doesn't have kitchen stuff installed (upgraded house). Boils 4 cups of Raw Water to 4 glass of Water. Needs 1 wood to operate.
  • Rainwater Tank (Crafting, default): 10 Woods, 10 Stones, 5 Fibers. Can be bought at Robin's. Needs Custom Farming Redux.
  • Gather rainwater when it is raining outside. Only works when it is raining. Produces 10 cups of Raw Water in 100 game ticks.
  • Water Pump (Crafting, default): 15 Woods, 10 Stones, 5 Fibers. Can be bought at Robin's. Needs Custom Farming Redux.
  • Pumps water from inside of the Earth. Only works outdoor. Produces 20 cups of Raw Water in 300 game ticks.

  • Due to my inability to comprehend how the mod works or due to mod's limitations, Rainwater Tank can also works indoor. So for immersion purpose, only place it outside.

Planned Updates:
  • Version C. same as Version B but you can't sell Raw Water and Water anymore; their sell price will be 0G, you also can't cook Bottled Water anymore.
  • Adding Slime Liquefier (tentative name), turning Slime drops to Purified Water (Yay, it's back!). Purified Water can be bought at Pierre's
  • Adding Water Ionizer (tentative name), turning Water to Ionized water using battery. Ionized Water can be bought at Pierre's.
  • Bottled Water will be available at Pierre's also; if JA allowed it.
  • Buff/debuff tweak. Probably.
  • Making the Get Water machines subsidized for a limited time, maybe for two season if CFR allowed it.
  • New working animation for Water Pump.

This mod is only available only on NexusMods or Playstarbound Forum (if available) under "Warilized" username.

Change Log:
  • 2019/09/28, v1.3.1 - Adding version B for Drink More Water. Tweaking buy and sell prices to be more balanced.
  • 2019/09/06, v1.3 - Renamed Raw Water (then: Purified Water). Tweaking buffs, prices, and gift tastes of the Waters. Added Rainwater Tank and Water Pump.
  • 2019/08/26, v1.2 - Purified Water is now drinkable to avoid player misplacing it inside the house (it will became permanent obstacle, idk why, probably because Json Asset).
  • 2019/08/26, v1.1 - Fixed wrong manifest. Added Kettle.
  • 2019/08/25, v1.01 - Tweaking the price and name of Purified Water (then: Distilled Water).
  • 2019/08/25, v1.0 - mod released.