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Yuikami and BikiFae

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Adds 31 new hats from Kawaii Hats to be purchased at the Mouse's Hat Shoppe!

Permissions and credits
This is a conversion of Yuikami's Kawaii Hats into a JsonAssets mod, which means you'll be able to purchase all of the hats from the Hat Shop without having to replace any vanilla hats! 

All of the art assets inside of this mod belong to user Yuikami; all I did was convert them into Json Assets form. The descriptions for the items come from Atomos's Kawaii Hats Data File mod. 

Installation Instructions
  1. Install SMAPI and Json Assets
  2. Install this mod and drag it into your Mods folder 

All hats can be purchased at the Mouse's Hat shop in the woods, for 1,000G. All of the hats in this mod start with "Kawaii" ex: the Bunny Ears are named "Kawaii Bunny Ears". That way it is easy to find all of the hats from this mod :) 

Note: I have reached out to Yuikami for their blessing with this conversion and as of writing this have yet to receive a response. I will update this when I hear back from them.