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Cute hat replacements!

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Hi gais!

I've been working on this mod since yesterday 'cause I don't fancy most of the hats
and I wanted something really cute for myself, shared it on FB and people seems
to like it so I might as well just get it out there so other people can use it, too.

What I did?

31 hats being completely replaced by what I drew myself,
or edit from default hats to make it cuter.

Please do not reupload this any where else, or include,
or edit these files or put it in other mods.
I worked hard on these... :'(

- Added more hats: MGSV Chicken head, TF2 Pyro, Fallout T-45.
-Adjusted many hat's position.
- More Santa hat edit, moved the star back on side views.
- Fixed fancy flower and flower crown from being too big.

How to install?

- Put hats.xnb in  Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Farmer
- Make sure you back up the original file before you overwrite it!
- Enjoy! (If you don't know where to get the hats, look at the picture below)

Are you going to release that skirt and blush farmer base?
No, it's so broken. There's a complete skirt base out there already.

Why don't you edit some of the hats on there?
This edit is based on my liking, I keep some of the hat I like.
I only share this file in case someone else might enjoy what I made.
I will not edit this file based on individual needs.
If you want some of the old hats back, read the next question.

I don't like some of the replace, can you keep some of the default hats?

Until anyone make a mod that add more hats choices into the game, NO.
Simply switch back to the old hats.xnb if you want the old hat, not like you have to change your hat every 5 mins.

It's not working! Also it was messing up with me save!
Read the installation guide again and make sure you installed it in the right place.

- Waiting for more feedback!

Here are the samples

If you're a new player and has no idea where to buy the hat!