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A ContentPatcher mod that aims to remove the homophobia and ableism from George's dialogue.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to remove the homophobia from George's dialogue. It also changes the ableist way his wheelchair usage was written while still retaining his general grumpy outlook and demeanour, changing his existing dialogue and adding more nuanced lines about his complicated feelings about his wheelchair usage.

In a more general sense, this mod aims to give players more choice in what sort of stressors they have to expose themselves to while playing an otherwise rather stress-free game. Many of us encounter enough homophobia and ableism in our daily lives and would rather not be reminded of that while exploring Pelican Town, and this mod aims to help with that.

Spoilers! If you want to see the full text of all lines that have been replaced as well as what lines this mod replaces them with, click here!

Available files - choose one!:
  • GeorgeDialogueEdits-full: replaces both the homophobic and the ableist dialogue parts
  • GeorgeDialogueEdits-nomorehomophobia: only replaces the homophobic dialogue parts
  • GeorgeDialogueEdits-nomoreableism: only replaces the ableist dialogue parts


  • Conflicts: this mod might not be compatible with other Content Patcher mods that edit George's dialogue and events, specifically those that edit the entries Wed_inlaw_Alex and Wed10_inlaw_Alex for the homophobia replacer, and 18/f George 1500/p George, Wed8 and Tue10 as well as 34/f Penny 500/t 900 1400/w sunny for the ableism replacer.
  • Incompabilities: this mod is not compatible with non-Content Patcher mods/ XNB files that directly replace George's dialogue file George.xnb, the event file for 1 River Road JoshHouse.xnb, as well as the event file for the townTown.xnb.

Version history:
  • 1.0.0: release
  • 1.1.0: added update key to all files, added replacement dialogue for Penny's two hearts event to "nomoreableism" and "full" files.
  • Install Content Patcher
  • Unzip into the Mods folder
  • Run the game with SMAPI