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Large greenhouse with plenty of space for crops and trees. Scenery changes with the seasons.

Permissions and credits
(5) 8x3 planters, (45) tree boxes, (2) 29 x2 planters, (44) 5x5 planters

*Known Issues*
There are issues if you try to use for any platform other then PC, as I do not use any of these platforms I will not be fixing them. Use at your own risk.

*Mod requirements*
Content Patcher
A Toned Down Stardew Valley - I know some of you are questioning this one so ill explain. This mod provides the dark framework and colouring that I want for this greenhouse. You can use this mod without ATDSV but it will look completely different then my screenshots and parts that come from my custom tilesheet will not change (the dark window trim on the seasonal windows for example). 

*Recommended Mods*

*Farming Made Easy Infinite Vanilla version - makes all your crops keep growing so you dont have to replant your greenhouse every few days
*Automate- lets the autograbber use chests so it can harvest more crops at a time
*Autograbber mod- will harvest the crops for you
*More fruit Trees (json assets)
*Fruits and Veggies for Json Assets

Thank you to  Froststar11 for use of the 2cute asset sheet from the Fairy underground fairy cave mod, and Mintgal for the inspiration of putting seasonal scenery in. 

download, unzip, put in your mod folder. To uninstall remember to clear all crops/trees/chests from the greenhouse then simply remove from the mod folder.

* if you want the dark wood/greenhouse panel shown in my screenshots for the lower greenhouse walls take the town interior_warm  png from the seasonal greenhouse mod and replace the one in A Toned Down Stardew Valley. Otherwise your wall will be white.