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About this mod

A custom NPC mod that replaces the wizard. Includes all new heart events, dialogue, marriage, and more!

Character concept is derived from the goddesses of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons so now Stardew Valley can have its very own Harvest Goddess!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
If you're having issues or crashes when first installing this mod, you might need to sleep ingame (let a day pass) before everything works normally.

- Takes over the wizard’s role and replaces all his events that follow canon plot
- New heart events (see attached event guide for help)
- A working schedule after you reach 1 heart
- Weekly “wish granting” on Saturdays after you reach 2 hearts
- Eligible for marriage after seeing her 10 heart event
- Children take after her when she's your spouse
- Optional spouse room

- Still references the wizard instead of just writing him out
- Birthday will not change unless you make a new save
- Still cannot be reached during some festivals
- Spouse room uses a separate tilesheet so can easily be recoloured to personal taste; pond is also a functional water source

- Content Patcher
- TMXLoader (For spouse room; optional)
- PyTK (For spouse room; optional)

- Install the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher
- Download and unzip file
- Place in your “\Stardew Valley\Mods” folder
- Run game with SMAPI

- Simply remove from mods folder

- Use shorter name: “None”, “H. Goddess”, or “Goddess”
None defaults to “Harvest Goddess”
- HG’s kids: “Dark”, “Light”, or “False”
Defaults to dark skin

See my original full body art of her design

Please do not reupload/redistribute
Modifications and edits are not allowed
I do NOT permit unofficial releases

Buy me a coffee if you like my mods! ☕

This mod is currently English only, please PM me if you'd like to inquire about translations.