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Your pet follows you through the town and plays fetch with you. It might get distracted by birds and doesn't like your watering can.

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This is a re-implementation of Consillium's Pet Enhancement Mod which was sadly abandoned by the author. I added some features such as:

What it does:
  • Your pet can follow you (nearly) everywhere outside. It waits for you in front of the door if you enter a building. Right-click your pet to make it follow you.
  • Your pet really likes birds and tries to chase them but luckily they will get away.
  • If you have a stick in your hand, you can throw it (left-click). Your pet will bring it back to you and has a chance to gain friendship points. (original idea)
  • Getting hit by a tool or wet by your watering can will decrease the friendship. But you can say sorry by petting it again.


  • Remove the folder of this mod.

Please note: Your pet is a bit wider than it seems. It cannot go vertically through spaces that are a single tile wide.
There is also a known issue that causes your pet to greet people in the town. This is a vanilla feature making npcs greet each other randomly while walking by. I decided that this is not worth fixing since it would require changes that might lead to incompatibilities and bugs and it is also funny.

After you loaded the mod once, the configuration file config.json is created in the folder of the mod. Restart the game for your changes to take effect.
  • "pet_friendship_decrease_onhit": default 20, friendship points that get subtracted if you hit your pet with a tool
  • "pet_fetch_friendship_chance": default 40,  chance in % that playing fetch increases the friendship with your pet
  • "pet_fetch_friendship_increase": default 10, friendship points that get added if you play fetch long enough
  • "pet_petting_friendship_increase": default 12, friendship points that get added if you pet your pet
  • "stick_range": default 12.0, throwing range of the stick in tiles
  • "show_message_on_warp": default true, show a message after changing map and pet cannot follow (e.g. inside a house)
  • "unconditional_love": default false, show "<pet> loves you" message every time you pet it
  • "love_everytime_at_max_friendship": default false, show "<pet> loves you" message every time the friendship is at maximum and you pet it
  • "pet_speed": default 6, value used internally (pixels per frame) to move the pet, this was the value that worked best for the animation
  • "pet_fast_speed": default 10, same as pet_speed but for running


  • German
  • French (thanks to Reikounet)
  • Portuguese (thanks to BeckySie)

source code

You can find my other mods here.