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A Custom Marriage Mod will bring you a sweet-talked and lovely Clint as your new bachelor! 5 custom heart events and 3 post-marriage heart events! Numerous daily+ marriage dialogues! 中英文兼容!

Permissions and credits
A datable and marriagable Clint is now available for someone finding a new bachelor! 
This Marriage Mod includes the following:
1. Numerous daily dialogues. The sweet talk will be triggered when Clint getting 8+ hearts... some of them are seasonally limited! Therefore, rather than getting married immediately upon reaching 10 hearts, I suggest you talking with him everyday and enjoying the daily sweet talks;
2. The festival dialogue will be more and more flirty and sweet depending on how many hearts Clint has (four stages of 2, 4, 8, and 11 hearts);
3. Now Clint can be invited to be your partner in the Flower Dance Festival;
4. Of course numerous post-marriage dialogues! Clint indeed is a warm-hearted husband! He will not go to the pub again as it isn’t necessary anymore! 
5. After getting marriage, Clint will go to work on Mon,Wed, and Fri. As the mayor said that all goods and services should be taxed, he will not give you any discount. However, sometime he’ll secretly bring a piece of metal for you as a gift;
6. The Original 3 hearts event is revised so as to correspond to the love story line.
7. Added 4, 6, 8, 10 hearts events and THREE post-marriage hearts event;
8. Clint still has a crush on Emily at the beginning but you will find that he have thrown the love letter away after happening certain events. In addition, if Clint gets more hearts, you will find the another love letter addressing to some special one...
9. The task of delivering an amethyst to Emily is now removed. Instead, you are required to delivery a ruby ​​to Clint (6th of Summer). Please complete this task which is related to the story line; 
10. Clint will be included in boy-dumped event! So please be careful when cheating on the guys…;
11. Clint will have his own room in farmhouse but there is no patio for him…;
12. Emily and Marine will have special dialogue depending the relationship between you and Clint; and
13. English and Chinese version are available! The Language pack will be automatically loaded when you choose English or Chinese. (Welcome Translation of other language! ^^)
2020/01/28 updated: 14. Added a new secret note, which can only be found after you divorcing with Clint...
2020/07/26 Korean version is now available! Click here to download it! Thanks Herbjang for translation!

1. 新增日常150條以上對話,心動對話主要體現在8心以後,且某些是季節限定的,所以達到10心以後也不要趕著結婚啊!請多多刷對話;
2. 節日對話會隨著好感上升而有所不同(分為2,4,8,11心四個階段);
3. 花舞節可以邀小克作舞伴了;
4. 婚姻生活簡直是笨蛋夫妻(或夫夫)的日常,婚後小克不會再上酒館了,因為已經不需要了!
5. 婚後小克逢一、三、五會上班,雖然不會給你折扣(镇长规定所有商品服务都要纳税!)不过偶爾回家会偷偷带一块金属锭回家给你;
6. 修改了原本的3心事件,以對應故事的發展;
7. 新增4,6,8,10好感度事件及三個婚後事件;
8. 小克一開始還是暗戀EMILY的,但發生事件和好感度高之後,你會發現他把房間裡的情信給扔了,好感度再高時更會發現給某人的第二封情信…;
9. 原來送紫水晶給EMILY的任務改為送紅寶石給小克(第一年夏6,請務必完成,和劇情有關)。
10. 小克將包含在男生修羅場事件之中,不要花心;
11. 婚後會有小克的房間但沒有戶外空間;
12. 與小克好感度高後,瑪妮及EMILY會有特殊對話;及
13. 中英文兼容! 語言包會自動按照遊戲語言讀取 (歡迎其他語言的翻譯! ^^)。
2020/01/28 更新: 14.新增一封秘密字條,但只能在你和小克離婚後找到...
2020/07/26 韓文版本已推出,請下載  ! 鳴謝 Herbjang 的翻譯!

Known issues:
1. Another Clint will attend as the guest during marriage ceremony;
2. After getting marriage and when asking Clint to break geodes, you will find his head is lying on the ground(?);
3. The thing you get from 10 heart event is not usable...Actually this is not fault or negligence of Clint but the bugs of the game;
4. There is a change that you can’t enter into the Blacksmith when you gain a heart in one day. This can be fixed after the day ends.
5. Normally Clint’s 8 hearts and 10 hearts events are incompatible with Emily’s makeover event. However,I don’t know why you will still receive the invite letter from Emily even those Clint’s heart events have been triggered.
1. 婚姻時賓客席會出現另外一個小克;
2. 婚後找小克砸礦石時會見到小克的頭在地上(…);
3. 十心事件拿到的東西使用不了其實不是小克的鍋,是遊戲設定如此;
4. 如果一天裡好感升了一心的話,有機率進不了铁匠铺,但第二天就好了;及
5. 小克的8心及10心事件和EMILY的換裝事件是相克的,正常來說,觸發了哪一個另一個就不會發生了,然而,不知為何,明明曾觸發過小克的8心10心事件,EMILY還是會寄信來邀請你去鎮長家,但當然此時就不會再發生換裝事件了。

Hearts Event Condition:
Three Hearts: 19:00-23:00, Stardrop Saloon, Mon.
Four Hearts: 20:00-24:00, Mountain, Sunny, Has seen the three hearts event.
Six Hearts: 10:00-17:00, Blacksmith, Sunny, IS NOT SUMMER, Having 2 hearts with Alex.
Eight Hearts: 18:00-19:30, Entering the Town from Bus Stop, Sunny, Has seen the four hearts event, Has NOT seen Emily’s makeover event and not married to her. 
Ten Hearts: you will receive the letter from Clint, 19:00-24:00,Town, Sunny, Has NOT seen Emily’s makeover event and not married to her. (ATTENTION: the day will end in this event.)  
1. 三心: 19-23點、酒吧、星期一
2. 四心: 20-24點、山區、晴天、觸發過三心事件
3. 六心: 10-17點、夏天以外的季節、铁匠铺、晴天、和ALEX兩心好感
4. 八心: 18-19點半,由巴士站進入鎮內、晴天、觸發過四心事件、未發生EMILY換裝事件也未與她結婚
5. 十心: 收到小克寄給你的信後,19-24點、晴天、未發生EMILY換裝事件也未與她結婚 (注意!!!本事件發生後會直接存檔並到第二日)
Post-Marriage Hearts Event Condition:
Eleven Hearts: 18:00-21:00, Stardrop Saloon, Fri.
Twelve Hearts I: 22:00-23:00, FarmHouse, Has upgrade the Farmhouse 2 or 3 times, Tue, Thu, Sat and Sun.(ATTENTION: the day will end in this event.) 
Twelve Hearts II: 20:00-23:00, Mountain, Sunny, The 3rd year. 
1. 十一心: 18-21點30、酒吧、星期五
2. 十二心1: 22-23點、房子升級到了兩或三次、自家、星期二、四、六、日 (注意!!!本事件發生後會直接存檔並到第二日)
3. 十二心2: 20-23點、山區、晴天、第三年

The spouse room of Clint:
1.  As reported by some players, the game may easily crash if the spouse room is not installed.
2.  The TMXLoader and PyTK are required for the spouse room. 
1. 從玩家的回報指出,不安裝小克的房間的話,遊戲很容易發生錯誤。
2. 安裝小克的房間必需配合TMXLoader及PyTK 使用。

The portrait of Clint:
1.  You may use the alternative portrait  mod by setting “False” in the Column of “ChangePortraiture” contained the config.json. However, I do not  promise the compatibility. This is to say, certain expression may disappear when using the alternative portrait mod.
2. The sprite  can’t be changed as this kind of change may cause glitch.
1.想用其他頭像MOD只需要在用記事本打開[CP]ClintMarriageMod/config. json,把當中的"ChangePortraiture"改為False就可以了,但可能會有頭像缺失的問題。

The Compatibility: 
 I have updated the version which ia compatible with SVE.
Although not tested, I believe the Find for Love Mod may be installed together if you set Clint is not datable in its config. json. 
至於 Find for Love Mod,我相信只要在其config. json中把小克設定為不可攻略就可以相容了。

Special Thanks & Copyright:
Thousand thanks to Edith for the awesome portrait and sprite!
Thousand thanks to Erinyang for the English translation!
Thousand thanks to for Lord Yuri's advice and guidance of making the spouse room!
The portraiture and sprite used in this Mod is created by Edith, and the permission of use has been duly obtained. However, nothing contained in the permission shall constitute or be considered to be a transfer of any Intellectual Property Rights. All intellectual property rights in the modding code and the portraiture are respectively vested and shall remain vested in me and the Edith.Without my prior consent, please do not modify, add or delete this marriage MOD and  release it in your name. However, welcome translation or compatibility updated! You may do this sort of work without asking me but I would be grateful if you can let me know where you upload the Mod.

感謝 Edith提供美美的立繪及行走圖!
感謝 Erinyang提供英文翻譯!
感謝 Lord Yuri's提供製作配偶房的指路!

本結婚MOD一切編程、文本均由本人制作,立繪及行走圖由貼吧吧友 Edith制作,相應版權分別為本人及Edith擁有。在未得本人事前同意下,不得修改、增添、刪減本結婚MOD並以你名義作二次發布。然而,歡迎翻譯及相容性更新,你可以在不詢問我的情況下進行此類工作,但是如果你能告訴我將該更新或翻譯上傳到何處,我將不勝感激。