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The default shed is quite small for its price. You're much better of building a barn instead; these are cheaper and a more efficient use of space. This mod makes the shed interior slightly larger, without being completely unbalanced.

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The shed is balanced strangely. Once you reach the point where you want to maximize the available space, you're better of building barns. This mods attempts to make the shed more useful and balanced by making it slightly larger, without ruining the intended balance. It does this by increasing the internal size from 11x9 to 13x12.

The chosen size is not random. It is based on the idea that the shed should be the most efficient way to use the space on your farm if all you care about is... well, space. Read on for the details.


By default, the cost of the shed will not be changed. By editing the config file (which is created after the first run), you can increase or decrease the cost.

"Price": "15000",
"Materials": "388 300"

Price is the amount of gold required to build the shed.

Materials is a list of material ids and amounts. The first item if the material id, the second one the amount required of that material, the third the next material id, and so on. An example:

388 300 390 100 709 50

This is 300 times item 388 (wood), 100 times item 390 (stone), and 50 times item 709 (hardwood).