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Changes the look of the Hoe and the Axe in the Selection Bar.

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Updated for v1.1

I didn't like the look of some of the tools in the Selection Bar, so I changed them to their Harvest Moon (SNES) counterparts.
I had a lot of trouble quickly deciding what tool to use for what task, mainly because it was hard for me to differentiate the images from what I was used to.
I figured I'd go and change the images myself so I can save seconds on selecting the right tool for the job.

Version 1: Changes the look of the Hoe and the Axe in the Selection Bar.
The animations when actually swinging these tools are unchanged.

Version 1.5: Only the axe is changed.
This was requested by user "greyassassin24"

Version 2: Gives the starter tools a palette swap.
This is exactly the same as Version 1, except the tools your start with are colored differently.

Version 3: The Pickaxe is now a Hammer in the Selection Bar.
The animation of swinging a Pickaxe still shows a Pickaxe.
I never played Minecraft, so I associate breaking rocks with Hammers instead of Pickaxes.

Just unzip and drop the file in \Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\TileSheets
You might want to keep a copy of the original file incase you want to revert.