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Pet rooster! The mod you didn't know you needed.

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Every morning, you wake to the crowing of a rooster... that you never see?! Well, now you can! Choose a new buddy from Classic, White or Void Roosters to wake you every morning and keep your Chickens company.

File contains all three + instructions.

NEW - added a .zip with all three roosters in .png format for using with Content Patcher mods, such as Adopt 'n' Skin. You can have both a cat and a rooster! The future is now!

Keep in mind he will still meow, as I can't mod sound files. He's just a very weird rooster.

Alternatively, if you don't like him meowing, I recommend the fantastic addition by MistressLiliana which will make him crow properly every time you give him his well-deserved affection.