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Never forget any event or daily task ever again! Plan out your entire year in a spreadsheet file, then get a reminder every day of what you need to do today!

Permissions and credits
NOTICE: This is a beta version of a mod that I intend to regularly update. 
Expect the occasional bug. Feel free to report them if you find any.
Current version: 0.5.2
Latest update: Fixed file path related bug that might happen depending on how you installed the mod.

Forgot to water your plants? Went to bed without petting your chickens? Worked all day on your crush's birthday? Never again! With the In-Game Daily Planner mod, all you have to do is press the "tab" button (or some other assigned button) and get a list of everything you need to do today! Once it's done, just mark it as completed, and move onto the next thing!

This mod is a work in progress, so expect to see more features in the future. For now, though, you have the ability to plan a whole year at a time, all in the spreadsheet program of your choice. Set some reminders for every day of the entire year, every day of a season, or set them for a particular date. Plan your entire crop rotation for the entire year, prepare for birthdays or events, or anything else you want to remind yourself of!

How to install this mod:

1) Install SMAPI.
2) Drag the folder "DailyPlanner" into Stardew Valley/Mods folder. 
3) Go into Stardew Valley/Mods/DailyPlanner/Plans and create a .CSV plan file for the year you want to plan.
4) Go into Stardew Valley/Mods/DailyPlanner/Plans and edit Checklist.txt, adding tasks you want to complete.

How to create a plan: 

1) In your Stardew Valley/Mods/DailyPlanner/Plans folder, and find the "Template.CSV" file.
2) From here, you can either... (DO ONLY ONE OF THESE)
a) Create a copy of this file in the same folder, making sure NOT to delete or rename the original file. (Recommended)
b) Open your game and load a save file for the year you want to plan. The mod will notice the .csv file is missing, and create a blank one from the template.
c) Create a blank file with the .CSV extension in this folder, and copy the Template.CSV content into it with a text editor or spreadsheet program.
3) Rename the newly created copy file to whatever year you are making a plan for. For example, if planning for year 1, rename it "1.csv". 
4) Open the file with the spreadsheet program of your choice. 
5) To the right of the "Daily - Year" cell, fill in a row of tasks you want to be reminded of every day for the entire year.
6) To the right of the "Daily - Spring" cell, fill in a row of tasks you want to be reminded of every day of Spring. Do the same for Summer, Fall, and Winter.
7) Finally, to the right of the "Spring 1" cell, fill in a row of tasks you want to be reminded of on that particular day. Do the same for every other day.
8) Save and close your spreadsheet program, then boot up Stardew Valley. You're ready to go!

How to create a checklist:

1) In your Stardew Valley/Mods/DailyPlanner/Plans folder, and find the "Checklist.txt" file. 
2) If it does not exist, create it, or open the menu in-game to create one.
3) Open this file in notepad or something similar, and add a list of things you want to do, one task for each line. 
4) Save and close your file, then open your in-game menu again. Unlike plans, you can edit checklists at any time. 

How to use this mod:

1) Press "tab" while the game is loaded to see your tasks for the day.
2) Click "set" on a task to mark it as completed. Repeat until you've done everything. 
3) Click on the various tabs on the side to look at different options.

Upcoming features:

1) Ability to add (and possibly remove) tasks to your plan while in-game, rather than having to rely on a spreadsheet program.
2) "Refresh" button to reload your .csv file in the middle of the day. 
3) More languages, maybe?

Known issues: 

1) .CSV format is a nice, cross-platform format, but it's still not the optimal way to create a plan. Might switch to something else in the future...
2) Does not currently support multiple save files. All your save files will read the same plans. 
3) You might get a read error if you still have your spreadsheet program open. Make sure to close it before you start playing your game. 
4) Mid-day edits to your .CSV plan file will not be registered until a new day. Might be fixed with a button that will let you "refresh" your plan and re-read your file. 
5) For related reasons, the mod won't read your .CSV file if you somehow start the game up at any time other than at the start of the day. 


* ConcernedApe for making Stardew Valley in the first place
* Pathoschild for their work on SMAPI and the Cheat Menu Mod
* CJBok for their work on the Cheat Menu Mod, which I pretty much ripped off to make the GUI for this mod.


Discord - MevNav#0660