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Changes the measurement units in the English version of the game to the metric system.

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As someone who's used to the metric system, it always annoyed me that when fishing I had no idea what was the real size of the fishes.
Conversions to the metric system were actually made in several of the localizations, but unfortunately, they didn't add this option in the English version, and thus this mod was born :)

This mod uses Content Patcher to replace the measurement units with centimetres for the fishes, and also changes the roadway sign in the intro to display the distance in meters. For the fishes, their maximum and minimum sizes were multiplied by 2.54 and rounded up.

As of 1.5.0, the mod has been updated to the latest CP formation and as such is more compatible with other mods that change the same files. Other changes include:
  • Shane's marriage dialogue has been packed by default, as this new format only affects a single line instead of the complete file;
  • Shane's marriage dialogue has been changed from before and now says "twenty-five" instead of the previous "fifteen" centimetres to be more accurate.
  • Another line that mentions inches on the TV (thanks DaniAlbrtSancEs for this find!).
  • A line from Haley where she mentions "twenty miles" was changed to "thirty kilometres" (Added in 1.5.2).

This version has made the mod more compatible and easier to modify should anyone wish to do so. The majority of this conversion was carried out by DaniAlbrtSancEs, which was kind enough to improve upon my work and share it, so once again thank you very much!
Let me know if you find any bugs, or if there's any other mention of inches somewhere in the game.

  1. Install SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher .
  3. Place this mod in Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

Optional Add-On: I added an optional file for those of you that use Stardew Valley Expanded so that the fishes introduced by that mod are affected too. Just copy and paste its contents over the original mod files.

It should work in any version of the game and with any mod as long as they don't replace the same lines/assets in the following files:
  • Fish.xnb
  • Intro.xnb
  • Dialogue/Haley.xnb
  • MarriageDialogueShane.xnb
  • StringsFromCSFiles.xnb

Enjoy the mod and have fun! :D