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New changes, and edits to existing mods, so that every Animal and Monster in the game is now a Pokemon!

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List of Changes:
All first evolution Pokemon are now Baby Animals. I've added in second Evolutions for every Bird, and also the Rabbits! Several Monsters nobody edited on the Nexus have been added!

Brown Chickens as Pidgey and Pidgeotto From Irow!
Blue Chicken as Taillow and Swallow
Void Chicken as Murkrow and Honchkrow
White Chicken as Rufflet and Braviary! Braviary based on PowerCristal's sprite!

Rabbit as Bunnery and Lopunny From LittleNerdyOtaku!

Flaffy now has a Sheered Sprite! From TinyKawaiiSatan!

Duck as Shiney Braviary! Braviary based on PowerCristal's sprite!

All the adult forms of the animals were made by me, the baby ones by the mod creators credited!

Bat as Zubat
Carbon Ghost as Duskull 
Duggy as Diglet
Greenslime as Ditto
Iridium Crab as Parasect
Serpent as Arbok
Wilderness Golem as Dusknoir