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This mod provides the Governor with unique dialogue for each Luau between Years 1 - 16, allowing for he and the farmer to form a slowly-budding friendship.

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  • Mandarin
Tired of trudging through the same old dialogue Luau after Luau? Wishing you could win some well-deserved brownie points with an important politician? Fear not, my fellow overworked farmers: the "Governor Expansion Mod" has the answer to all your problems!

This mod aims to provide the player with a greater opportunity to connect with an NPC that they could not otherwise encounter or establish a friendship with. Starting in Year 1 and ending in Year 16, the Governor will slowly come to acknowledge, appreciate and even cherish the relationship built between he and the player.

For fans of the Harvest Moon series, this mod contains numerous references to Stardew Valley's spiritual predecessor. From Mineral Town to Magical Melody to A Wonderful Life, the Governor has plenty of secrets to spill about your former favorite farming sims! His exact relation to these places, and the characters therein, however, will for now remain a mystery...

- Multiple years of unique dialogue, from your first to your sixteenth Luau
- A slow-developing friendship with an NPC that cannot otherwise be befriended
- Opinions, perspectives and secrets about Pelican Town's residents, along with tidbits of worldbuilding information
- References to the Gourmet from Harvest Moon, upon whom the Governor was based, for longtime fans of the series

1. Install the latest versions of both SMAPI and Content Patcher
2. Download the file from the above "Files" tab
3. Unzip the file
4. Relocate the unzipped folder file into your "Mods" folder
5. Run Stardew Valley via SMAPI
6. Enjoy the expanded dialogue, and report any problems you encounter!

1. Delete or otherwise remove "[CP] Governor Expansion Mod" from your Mods folder
2. That's it! Say welcome back to the boring, old Governor for me.

- This mod is currently only in English.
- If anyone would like to aid in potential translations, please let me know!

- This mod will, unfortunately, overwrite any of the Governor's dialogue from gizzymo's Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion mod.
- Other than that, however, this mod should not interrupt or interfere with any other known mod!
- Should you wish for the Gourmet references to be more obvious, I recommend downloading Taelende's "Governor to Gourmet" mod, too!

- For bug reports or other support, please leave me a comment in the "Posts" tab!
- For other opinions, comments or unexpected words of encouragement, feel free to email me at "[email protected]"

THANK YOU FOR DOWNLOADING THIS MOD! Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance in ensuring a flawless experience with it :)