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Take four flowers, two sugars, and pop them into a Floral Keg. Presto! Floral Wine. Can be purchased from Gus or made with 30 Refined Quartz and 1 Fairy Stone.

(Please read longer description for bug notes!)

UPDATE: Optional rebalanced file with unique icons by Tanpoponoko!

Permissions and credits
I really, really wanted to find a way to make Dandelion Wine, so here's my first mod! It allows you to turn flowers into wine, as well as nuts (hazelnut in vanilla, some JA crops supported) and a few other items*. Cassava (from JA Fruits and Veggies) is also supported, for example, turning into Kasiri. Fruit is turned into "Blossom Wine" for those who want to pretend that they're harvesting orange blossoms instead of plain old oranges for wine.

* BUG: For the life of me, I cannot wrangle CFR to allow me to limit some inputs. There are many things that can't be wine--seeds, random veggies, prismatic shards, cake--but there are also a number of things that shouldn't be wine. I can't stop you from mixing this with Personal Effects to make unholy forms of wine, for instance, and while most craftables can't be kegged, Floral Kegs themselves can be, as can artifacts, as long as you have at least four and are holding two sugars.

Please be careful about clicking too quickly, especially since CFR makes it so that your next item slides over to replace the one you just put in.

Note: Crafting time is 10 in-game minutes to avoid the CFR glitch where exiting the game while something is processing means that machine never stops processing. If you pop something in while time is frozen (with another mod), I can't protect you from that glitch. 

I attempted to balance out the complexity of the recipe (4 flowers and 2 sugars) by making it more valuable than regular wine (4 * input value). If this or the crafting recipe for either the Floral Keg or any of its wines needs adjustments, please feel free to make suggestions!

Crafting Floral Keg
- 30 Refined Quartz
- 1 Fairy Stone

Buying Floral Keg
Available from Gus

Making Wine
- 4 * Flowers (or some forage/fruit/nuts/etc, based on my research)
- 2 * Sugar

1. Install SMAPI
2. Install PyTK
3. Install CFR
4. Download ZIP
5. Unzip to your Mods folder
6. Enjoy some delicious Dandelion Wine!

Uninstalling Floral Kegs:
1. Delete all Floral Kegs and floral wines from all game files.
2. Remove the folder from your Mods folder.



Tanpoponoko was generous enough to share an improved version of my mod with me! Improvements include unique sprites for most possible wines, as well as a slight rebalancing (two flowers, two sugars for a wine worth twice the input price)! Thank you, Tanpoponoko! 

I've added this alternate version as 1.0.0-alt and listed it as an optional file, since some folks may prefer a more uniform wine color or the original balancing. For what it's worth, I'm probably going to be using Tanpoponoko's icons!