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Turns your chickens into brightly coloured fluffy dinosaurs.

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This mod replaces the white, brown, blue and void chicken and hatchling sprites with chicken-sized raptors instead. Additionally, it changes Charlie the white chicken to Charlie the brown raptor. All dialogue and item references to chickens are also changed; as far as the valley is concerned, chickens are extinct.

The chicken statues have been left. I liked the idea of ancient peoples worshiping extinct chickens, while domesticated raptors roam around instead.

If you find a non-statue reference to a chicken left in the game, please let me know!

  • Not compatible with any other SMAPI mod that modifies chickens.
  • Not compatible with any mod that completely replaces the cursor spritesheet; compatible with any mod that just edits a portion as long as it's not the chicken portrait.
  • May throw issues with mods that edit Shane's spritesheet or portaits. If they replace the whole sheet, this mod will write over the top.
  • May throw issues with mods that replace or edit large portions of Shane and Marnie's dialogue. If the mod simply adds new dialogue, it's fine.

If a mod isn't compatible, please let me know! I may be able to make a patch for it.

The original velociraptor sprite was made by Zynonia; the adult brown raptor in this mod is entirely theirs. The other adult colours are edits made by me. The hatchling sprites I have modified from the in-game sprites. Shane's sprite and portrait are edited from the in-game ones by me.