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Replace that nasty green lizard with a cute fluffy velociraptor. Now comes in more colors!

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I was irritated with how out of place my dino looked with all of my birds.  Surprisingly enough there didn't seem to be any nice dino reskins to suite my needs, so I hunkered down and made one myself.  

With this mod, you can turn that nasty, inaccurate lizard into a fluffy velociraptor.

Colors available:  Albino, Brown, Green, Pink, Tan, Sand, Blue, Grey


Now with more flavors

This version of the mod requires SMAPI and Content Patcher.  Unzip the mod into your mods folder and it should be good.

To change what color of velociraptor appears, you can probably use the content patcher or something.  Or, if you don't know how to do that(like me), then you can edit the config file.

"Colour": "brown"

See this?  Change brown for a listed color and save and it should work.

Current Colors

Using All Colors
To get raptors of a random color, you'll need to install an additional mod. Adopt N' Skin  Download the file labeled [AS] and put that Dinosaur folder into Adopt N' Skin's assets>skins folder.  You'll probably want to take a look at any folders it comes with in there, since it may include a few example skins. 

The Adopt N' Skin version probably won't tell you if this mod gets updated.

Want to request a color?  Leave a comment and I might add it

Want to contribute a color?  Leave a comment with a link to the pic or something and I can add it


Zynonia - Base raptor design and the albino, brown, green, pink, tan colors
Summergale in the comments - Made an update for this at some point
Sparrow - Worked on the config file at some point

Mod is pretty much freely available for customization, reupload, modifying, etc.  Credit me for the original raptor if nothing else pls.  If you contribute a recolor or something to the mod, it'll get the same permissions.