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Replace that nasty green lizard with a cute fluffy velociraptor. Now comes in more colors!

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I was irritated with how out of place my dino looked with all of my birds.  Surprisingly enough there didn't seem to be any nice dino reskins to suite my needs, so I hunkered down and made one myself.  

With this mod, you can turn that nasty, inaccurate lizard into a fluffy velociraptor.

Colors available:  Albino, Brown, Green, Pink, Tan


Replace the Dinosaur.xnb file in Stardew Valley>Content>Animals with the new one.  Only one color of dinosaur can be installed at a time.

I would recommend backing up your original dino file just in case something goes wrong.

I don't plan on making any additions to this mod, but if you would like to alter this mod to suit your own tastes better, feel free.  You can even upload it as a separate mod if you like, but it would be nice to credit me for the original raptor.