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There's a new face in Pelican Town! Introducing: Paul the Optometrist!

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UPDATE: with new portraits by Zosa!

Move over, Harvey! Paul is a hardworking Optometrist with a passion for nature and a heart of gold. You might find him reading his field journal, birdwatching, or anxiously awaiting the next time he can go fishing. He is marriageable with five different heart events, a unique spouse room, marriage dialogue, a detailed schedule, quests, and mail!

What began as an attempt to mod my real-life hubby into the game ended up being a pretty cool addition to the valley - so I thought I'd share him in case anyone else was interested!

To install:
1) Make sure you have "SMAPI,"  "Content Patcher," and "TMXLoader" installed
2) Place ALL THREE of the following into your Mods folder:
- "[CP] Paul"
- "[TMX] Paul at Festivals" 
- "[TMX] Paul Spouse Room"
3) Enjoy!

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, mistakes, or inconsistencies! Also, if you know how to fix any of the current ones, totally tell me how! Much appreciated!

Known Bugs:
1) Paul disappears for the flower dance. He's definitely there, just wearing his invisibility cloak, I guess.
2) Paul's marriage cutscene is just a black screen with Lewis's dialogue over it.
3) Some punctuation (mostly apostrophes for some reason) disappear in his dialogue.

Special thanks to Zosa for the wonderful portraits, the Stardew Valley MOD Makers facebook group, and MissCoriel for helping me out when I got lost in the modding process!

I used the following awesome mod as a base for Paul's look!
1) "No glasses or mustache Harvey Sprite" by BraveLittleTuna (


Birthday: Fall 13

Loves: Bread, Coffee, Hashbrowns, Pale Ale, Pepper Poppers, Lobster Bisque, Salmon Dinner, Spaghetti, Wine, Shrimp, Salmon, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass

Likes: Broken Glasses (seriously, try it out)

Dislikes/Hates/Neutral: Universal

Event Triggers: 2 Hearts - enter the clinic after 9:30, 4 Hearts - enter the Mountain on a sunny day, 6 Hearts - enter Evelyn's House, 8 Hearts - enter the Beach after 8 pm, 10 Hearts - enter the Secret Forest on a sunny day

Schedule: (keep in mind the times are when he starts walking to the location so he might show up a little later)

Rainy Day: 
8:00 - Hospital
12:00 - Fish Shop
7:40 - Saloon
11:00 - Harvey's Room

6:10 - by Community Center
8:40 - Hospital
3:50 - on the Pier
7:40 - Saloon
11:00 Harvey's Room

6:10 - by Community Center
8:40 - Hospital
3:50 - Mountain
7:40 - Saloon
11:00 Harvey's Room

6:10 - by Community Center
8:40 - Hospital
3:50 - Fish Shop
7:40 - Saloon
11:00 Harvey's Room

6:10 - by Community Center
8:40 - Mountain
1:30 - Beach
7:40 - Saloon
11:00 - Harvey's Room

6:10 - by Community Center
10:00 goes to church at Yoba altar
2:00 - Evelyn's House
7:40 - Saloon
11:00 - Harvey's Room