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A simple sprite swap to make your dog into Arcanine from Pokemon. Comes in original as well as shiny!

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A sheet of sprites to replace your simple canine with the mighty beast, Arcanine!

I'm a bit new to this, so please bear with me... More details will be placed within the "article."

Just unzip the file and replace your "dog.xnb" within your Stardew Valley folder {Go to contents, then animals. Original file will be there.} with the file provided within the zipped folder.

If anything seems amiss, please notify me and I will remedy it ASAP! 

The sprites originated from the GBA Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I merely modified them to fit within the sprites of the dog model and be more Stardew Valley friendly.

**NEW** [Updated: 2/1/19]

Now Content Patch friendly! The .zip file contains both the original Arcanine as well as the shiny, so just choose which you'd like and copy it into your Stardew Valley mods folder! Thank you those who took interest in my mod!

Would also like to direct some attention to this neat mod compilation. -> Pokemon BFAV which is created by Mazzons. 
It features not only my little mod, but also many others that make switching your animals around with Pokemon easy! There is a great selection to choose from, so go check it out if you like Pokemon on your farm!