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This mod adds events built around the JsonAssets Cannabiskit mod

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7/5/2020: I fell behind on my classwork and had to stop working on this for a while, but when I had the opportunity to continue this I found myself more consumed by my VRC projects and found very nice opportunities utilizing my blender and unity skills. That being said, I can't guarantee I will be able to continue to working on this mod, but if anyone wants to continue this feel free to do so.
The mod seems to work just fine as of today, but you probably don't need to make the changes i recommended anymore.. not really too sure. 

Hello all, did you add Cannabis Kit and find that just adding cannabis to your farm was not enough?

Well fear not! Cannabis Related Events is here to save the day. Soon to be loaded with many cannabis-related events. 
If you like Mod Drop I have this uploaded there as well. 

So far:
20 lines of Dialogue
5 events

Version History:
0.1.3 Fixed the bug...
I am so sorry about that last update, I grabbed the wrong folder when I added it to the zip(well was the right folder, just not the version I was working in). Here are the added lines of Dialogue, along with another event(bit more eventful 4 heart sebastian event) 

0.1.2 Slightly bigger update
Homework has delayed things more than expected, so the update wasn't as large as I expected. I have 2 heart dialogues for some days, Harvey's does replace the vanilla dialogue. Sebastian and Abigail should fall in between (adding new stuff). they are all 2 heart.  Don't use this version, sorry about that, better organization now. 

0.1.1 Minor fix and update
Sooo, got really high and did not check my spelling, so I fixed that, I also changed Marijuana to Cannabis with the original scene(just to match the overall tone of the Cannabis Kit mod). Added scenes with Mayor Lewis, and Pierre. I am realizing now that after the upload the requirements for the Pierre scene are set to Abigail friendship 250 and not Pierre, I will correct later. I also made the intro scene a little more animated. (did this because the first felt a little empty, and I wanted to spend a little more time, also the Pierre annoyed me all day)

Only one event in my first release and it is with Sebastian. Once you reach the required friendship level for shops to start selling cannabis, you will receive a scene introducing you to becoming a 420 farmer. (I probably put this together in a couple hours, just to start my page)

Install SMAPI 
Install all pre-requisites for Cannabis Kit (I did not install any of the optional content so I can not confirm any conflicts.)
You will need Content Patcher installed next
Finally, place the Cannabis Events folder into your mods folder
**may conflict with other dialogue mods**

JSONAssets has issues with Harvey selling items currently, So in order for Cannabis Kit to work properly and the introduction to make sense, change all of the Seedpurchasefrom Harvey to Sandy. I found the easiest way to do this is, using a free program like Atom, add CannabisKit as a project folder, find this exact text with quotes(in Atom use Find in 'Project' or 'Ctrl+Shift+f'): "SeedPurchaseFrom": "Harvey" 
change it to: "SeedPurchaseFrom": "Sandy"

If you use Atom and use Find in Project it will find everything that needs to be replaced just click 'Find All' then 'Replace All'

That is the fastest way I have found to change all of them at the same time.
**if this changes I will remove this and if Cannabis Kit remains the same I will change the Dialogue.

It will take some time for this part and I am uncertain how possible it is, but I want to build a Cannabis Cup. But for now, I will continue to add small events until I run out of ideas. Any suggestions for events are welcome :)
Changing the file structure, I think I should be done by next weekend.

What I am using along with this (the main thing is Cannabis Kit as long as you have all of its prereqs it should work without issue):
Cannabis Events                                                       
Rose's Interior                                                                                                             
[CFR] Artisan Valley                                                  
[JA] Artisan Valley Machine Goods                                     
[JA] Cannabis Kit                                                     
[JA] Fantasy Crops                                                    
[JA] Fresh_Meat                                                       
[JA] Fruits and Veggies                                               
[JA] Mizus Flowers                                                    
[JA] More Recipes (Fruits and Veggies)                                
[JA] More Trees (Fruits and Veggies)