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I am, what I would consider, an amateur.  I started modding with some very basic skins for my personal version of Kerbal space program. I have not released any mods to the public until recently due to lack of quality (I just can't work that brush, but I'm mean on a keyboard). For now I plan to stick to Stardew Valley, since I can make additional content without the need to be artsy. 


If you would like assistance with your mod for Stardew Valley, I am happy to lend a hand. But as long as you use the modding section of the Stardew Valley Wiki, you'll do just fine. 


I am in college, soo my free time is basically weekends. 


oh and if you wanna tip, I prefer crpto, my favs at the moment are Tron and Litecoin.

Tron: TN4gYXDfM5ptjnovBWzMhwxG5fkPrhTtSe

Litecoin: LMTYrhK7wHtM7tLb3emtDVufS8bhbtAsnf

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