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A character edit that turns Elliott into Alucard from the Castlevania series. Custom portraits, dialogue overhaul, and easter eggs all included at no extra charge.

Permissions and credits

Hello! First, let me start off by saying that I have no idea why I made this. I have never made a Stardew Valley mod 
before and had no experience in such matters when I started this one. This mod is my shame... but it's too late to
cry about that now. What's done is done, and I might as well share it with all two of you who might be interested.


This mod painstakingly revamps (hehe) Elliott into 'Adrian "Alucard" Farehnheit Tepes' from the Castlevania franchise.
Yes, I am a grown man and I have spent an appreciable amount of time to make the son of Dracula a romance option.
I mean, a moody vamp-boi makes the perfect tragic novelist, right? This mod was a good use of my time, surely?
God help me. I tried to mesh the two worlds together in a somewhat agreeable way... results may vary. 


Here is a list of the things you can expect in the mod

  • Reworked overworld sprite (Gotta have that black victorian coat, amirite?)
  • A really terrible custom portrait (I've never done sprite work in my life, please be gentle uWu)
  • Almost every word Elliott normally speaks anywhere in the game is reworked. (I'm sure I missed something. Can you forgive me?)
  • Awful Castlevania references sprinkled through the dialogue and Adrian's house (No wall chicken to look for, I promise.)
  • Satisfaction in knowing that you're doing your part to help floating vampire jesus (Did you see the end of Castlevania Season 2? Good Lord...)


  • SMAPI [Latest Version]
  • Content Patcher [Latest version]


Manual Installation:
1: Manually download the mod via the download tab.
2: Extract the contents of zipped folder (A folder titled "MiserableLittlePileOfSecrets") with the appropriate software to any location you prefer.
3: Navigate to the location where you have Stardew Valley installed (Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley)
4: Once inside Stardew Valley's installation folder, locate the folder titled "Mods" (This is where content patcher stores mods)
5: Place the "MiserableLittlePileOfSecrets" folder and place it in the "Mods" Folder

I've never used Vortex Mod Manager, so I'm not sure if it works with content patcher mods. I will be looking into it soon. Once I am familiar
with the process, I will add instructions for that method as well.

Why are you still reading this?:

Assuming you actually decide to download the fruits of my degeneracy, please let me know what you think. Since I'm this
far down the rabbit hole, I am open to suggestions on how to improve it. I tried my best to test all of it but I may have
missed something along the way. Should you encounter any errors, please let me know and I'll try to fix them for everybody. 

Also, if the universe decide to punish me for this abomination by making it even slightly popular, I would consider doing a 
dialogue expansion for those interested. Better yet, if anyone wants to contribute to this or add to it, please feel free 
to do so. No need for permission, make it better and upload it as you please. I only ask that you send me a link to the work 
you did on it; I'd like to see how you improved this hot garbage.


SquitzPrime - Content Patcher Dialogue Tutorial (Couldn't have done this without his awesome tutorial and templates)
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. - The Castlevania Series  (Everything in this mod is original work, please don't C&D me, Konami-san)

Special Thanks:
Thanks to ConcernedApe for making a pretty sick game, to PathosChild for making it possible to mod SDV fairly easily, to Konami for making one of my favorite franchises, and to SquitzPrime for his dialogue Tutorial.

Also would like to give thanks to SoftGayDetective for actually using this mod and finding some errors that I missed. Good on you, my dude.

Oh, and thanks to you for looking at this nonsense. You're a cool person who doesn't afraid of anything, I can tell.