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Makes Robin datable and able to be married. This is done by making her a Custom NPC. Requires Content Patcher & TMXL Map Toolkit (for the spouse room).

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The Robin Romance Mod

This mod makes Robin datable and able to be married. It does so through making her a Custom NPC. There are various flavors for this mod. The first and main version of this mod will see Robin divorced and living with Leah. Her sister Veronica will replace Robin at the carpentry shop. Courtesy of Shadowfire1223, Veronica now has nice sprite/portrait artwork.

If Veronica is a dealbreaker, disable her in the config menu (if you have Generic Mod Config Menu) or the config file: This will simply add Robin as above but without Veronica. This means the normal Robin will continue to appear in the game aside the new Robin with no mention of each other. The datable Robin's birthday will be shifted by 1 day (Fall 22).

Forgive me for my formatting, this is my first time posting a mod here.

Look under Docs, or head to the official Stardew Valley Forums, to find the Robin Romance Guide, detailing how to trigger heart events, gift preferences, etc. Be warned that it may contain spoilers for the mod!

The 1.4.0 Update

For Stardew Valley 1.5.4+

Very important update instructions: Delete [CP] Ram w Veronica or [CP] Ram no Veronica from your mod folder before installing the 1.4.0 update.

I've updated the mod to work with the newest Content Patcher standards. I was unaware of some of the changes, so the mod has likely not been working as intended for a long while (dialogue should change when you're married to Robin, for instance).

Added a ridiculous amount of configuration options. Probably too many. This is now one mod, and Veronica can be turned off in the config options.

Stardew Valley Expanded, Gender Neutrality, Pregnancy Roles, misscoriel's Unique Courtship, and any bachelor to bachelorette or vice versa mods are now fully supported. Stardew Valley Expanded was previously supported, but now the lore should match up more with this mod's. Bachelor to bachelorette mods are any mods that swap the gender of the bachelors/bachelorettes in the game.

Robin now appears in the flower dance!

Movie info should be corrected and now working for Robin and Veronica.

14 Heart event hopefully no longer has a chance to crash (still not entirely sure I fixed it).


Without permissions for all sprites, I can't support the seasonal outfit mods, so please don't ask. If I get the permissions, I plan to attempt to support those mods (my spriting skills are lacking, but I basically need to just make a kissing sprite for each outfit, so it's not impossible).


Shadowfire1223 created the new Veronica portraits and sprites, as well as an alternate spritesheet for Robin complete with a unique wedding dress. Check out their profile here.

Warhorse for proofreading the mod and helping with not only testing events for me, but spelling, grammar, and wording errors.

Before You Install

This mod requires Content Patcher & TMXL Map Toolkit (needed to add Robin's spouse room).

If updating from 1.3.1 or earlier, you need to also delete [CP] Ram w Veronica or [CP] Ram no Veronica from your mod folder.

Before You Install: Backup your save files! Save files with Custom NPCs (which this mod is) will not load without the Custom NPC. Note so long as you don't use this mod on your existing save files, those files should be safe, but once a save file has added this mod, it will require this mod in order to load. I believe you can use save edits to remove them, but I'm unsure of how and if this can be done. Please take caution and consider starting a new save file if you are concerned about this.

Other Languages

A Chinese Translation is available courtesy of erinyang.

A Russian Translation is available courtesy of Ghost3lboom

There are no current plans for other translations, but if anyone does want to translate the mod to another language then feel free to contact me about it. I'd be more than happy to add as many translations as possible for the mod. Please make sure to send a PM, as I'm not often checking the Nexus page, but will be emailed if I get a PM.

More Mod Info

There are parts of this mod that aren't complete: Unique Spouse Patio (the outside area that the spouses have). This isn't likely to be finished, but if I can figure it out I might go ahead and do it. I've heard that 1.5.5 might have support for this, so if I have the time, then I might work on this when that comes out (I'm sure it's supported already, I just don't know how to add it).

Robin has 4 events. 1 at 4 Hearts, 1 at 6 Hearts, 1 at 8 Hearts, & 1 at 10 Hearts. Currently nothing in the game notifies you that you are eligible for these events nor how to trigger them.

The 4 heart event doesn't start perfectly, but I've done my best to make it work as it should. Robin's outfit should be different from the start, but it takes a second for her to change into it.

The 6 Heart event has been changed as of version 1.1.0, I believe it to be a bit more in-line with the characters. However, it is possible to access the old event if you go into the content.json and enable it.

The 8 Heart event now is one event! Aside from a slight dimming issue when switching scenes, it should otherwise work just fine. If there's any issues, let me know.

The 10 Heart event mostly works, unfortunately there's supposed to be a fire but I've failed to actually find how to animate the fire. Again not likely to be corrected as I've got no clue how to and my testing failed to make it work.

Hate Veronica's artwork? If you disable her Sprites/Portraits, then you can use your favorite Robin sprite/portrait mods instead for Veronica.

Robin's Portraits: If you target "Ram", how the game refers to Robin in this mod, it should be possible to use your favorite Robin portrait mods. However Robin does have 3 portraits that were added, so anytime those 3 portraits are called it will instead feature a Robin with no portrait. Note you can't change sprites, otherwise Robin won't do the right animations. Well you can, it might not always line up with what she should be doing however.

Collaborations: I'm willing to work with other modders to make this mod better.

Use of this mod: Please make sure to give credit if you use this mod's content. Please also ask permission if you want to include this mod or a significant part of this mod in one of your mods, especially for anything to do with a Robin romance mod.

You can find this mod on the Stardew Valley forums as well. Only download from the Official Stardew Valley forums or Nexusmods, no other site has my permission to distribute this mod.

Archived Update Info

1.3 Update Info

After failing to update this mod for so long (sorry), it's finally here. Veronica now has custom dialogue and is no longer a slightly better than basic replacement for Robin. Other characters talk about Veronica. Other NPCs talk about Robin. Some NPCs may even change their dialogue depending on events with Robin. For the additional NPCs, these aren't huge additions, just a few lines, but Veronica now has far more dialogue.

But wait, that's not all! Veronica now has a 4 heart event. She also gets an 8 heart event if you're married to Robin.

Various fixes have been added to this version of the mod. Robin should no longer be referred to as your husband (why that's even happening I've got no clue; she is set to be female in the code). Her dialogue should hopefully be fixed for the completion of the community center. Issues with differing dialogue based off of the player's gender have now been fixed.

The user Warhorse went over virtually the entirety of the mod and helped to correct various spelling, grammar, and wording issues. Hopefully the dialogue looks cleaner and flows better. 

I've done some minor touchup to existing events. Music has now been added more aggressively. I'm not much of a music aficionado, but hopefully I picked some decent tracks for the mood of the events. I've cleaned up the flow of the dialogue (adding extra breaks, etc.). The 8 heart event no longer requires you to enter the area on a certain day and the 10 heart event no longer requires you to not be married to Robin (though it's highly suggested you do it before marrying Robin). The 10 heart event now has a glow affect around the campfire. It's not perfect, but hopefully it helps a bit.

Oh and Robin now has a 14 heart event. With tons of paths. Like, a lot. Probably not as much as some other mod out there, but it's a lot. You even have to loop through all of your possible options because, well, I couldn't find a way for the events to handle more than 2 branching choices at a time. Please be warned it has crashed on occasion while looping through those options. You should be safe on your first loop, but it does crash upon entering the third loop after the *hold hand* path. I will put how to trigger the event under Further Plans for those who are having a hard time (it's really simple, but just in case people don't want to be spoiled).

Bugs/Known Issues

11/23/2021: Please continue to report bugs. I'm sure there's a few. I've checked for some of the reported ones and have been unable to confirm them, so it may be mod conflicts in some cases. In particular, I played through all events with Expanded to ensure they worked before releasing 1.4.0 (Vanilla Stardew Valley events shouldn't be bugged either).

Spouse Room Issues: 1.2.1 and later versions should have a corrected spouse room. Please make sure that if you're upgrading from an earlier version that you have deleted the [TMX]SpouseRoomRam from within the 1.2 or earlier versions of [CP] Ram w Veronica or [CP] Ram no Veronica folder within your mod folder. If it's not showing up, that's because of an issue with Exit to Title. Please exit the game and restart it with the proper save. The spouse room should appear.

1. - Robin does not appear in the Flower Dance if she accepts your invitation to dance. She otherwise appears in the event and despite her sprite not appearing, you do get the heart boost with her and the event progresses as normal without crashing in my experience. If you notice any issues with the Flower Dance, such as crashing, let me know. I currently am unable to fix this issue and likely will remain unable to fix it. Theoretically it should work, but it doesn't. She appears now! As of 1.4.0.
2. - There may be a few issues in the dialogue with the wrong dialogue appearing based off of the gender of the farmer. If you notice this, please let me know. Should be corrected as of 1.3.0.
3. - Noise in the sprites. I believe I've fixed this, but if you notice some weird pixels popping up let me know.
4. Robin is sometimes using the wrong dialogue in front of the community center. I'm not sure why, but if I can't fix it I'll just disable the dialogue (it's only supposed to appear if you side with Joja for the community center).
Hopefully fixed as of 1.3.0. If you notice this issue, please report it.
5. Robin and the cat/dog appear in the chair or wall within her spouse room respectively. Doesn't seem to break much of anything, but I'm not sure why it's occurring either. - 2/13/2020: I believe I know how to fix this (at least with Robin's sprite), but I am afraid to touch the spouse room and mess it up. May or may not be fixed in a future update.
6. 8 Heart event will not trigger without the 4 & 6 heart events being completed. Wait at least one in game day after the 6 heart event before trying to trigger the 8 heart event. Alternatively other users have reported that it works once the bathhouse is available. - Fixed as of 1.3.0.
7. 14 Heart event does occasionally crash. Generally this is only after taking the *hold hand* route, and then looping through all of the options twice (on the second time through the options, it will crash when trying to go back to the first answer). If you notice other instances of crashing please report it to me. 11/23/21: If you have the 14HeartFix enabled in the config menu, it shouldn't crash, but may have some issues with music when cycling.
8. NPCs may appear off to the side during events. I'm not sure how to fix it. On my screen there is no issue and I don't know how large the display can get for Stardew Valley (I thought it scaled but realized after working in window mode for the events that it most certainly did not). I will look into possible fixes but for reference, I'm on a 15" laptop without an issue. I imagine there may be issues for larger screens. I also can't guarantee I will be able to fix it.

Further Plans
These are things I plan, however they may or may not be finished.

When 1.5.5 releases, depending on my time, ability, and what changes occur, I may begin to work on a custom spouse patio for Robin. Additionally, support for Free Love (poly mod) may occur at that point (currently planned to have Farmer/Robin/Leah, Farmer/Robin/Sam, Farmer/Robin/Emily support) but that depends on if it's possible.

I'm currently trying to gain permission to edit the seasonal outfit sprites for Robin to enable support with this game, but until/unless I get that permission, I have no ability to support those mods on my end.

The mod is mostly done, while I may continue to update it, it's unlikely that I'll be doing much anytime soon, if ever at all. I will at least try to continue fixing bugs however.

Installation Instructions

Read "Before You Install" above. Make sure you have SMAPI, Content Patcher, & TMXL Map Toolkit. Generic Mod Config Menu is recommended as well. Unzip this mod and put it in your mod folder.

Mod Compatibility

This mod should work with most mods. Stardew Valley Expanded is supported, but otherwise, if using Veronica, then other mods that affect Robin will cause interference. Nothing should crash the game however. If you have custom dialogue for various NPCs (Demetrius, Maru, etc.) and this mod seems to be interfering, try disabling the RRomanceAdditionalDialogue config option. Most of the other NPCs are being altered through the use of that part of the mod, though there are a few stray lines in the various content.json in the Robin Romance and Veronica files.


Please let me know of any bugs or errors. This is my first Stardew Valley mod and I'm not particularly knowledgeable about modding, but I'll do my best to fix any issues. I may or may not be continuing to try to update this mod, but as of right now I'm pretty satisfied with it, though I do intend to fix any bugs that I can. Hope you enjoy!

A very big thanks to all the modders on Discord, who are the entire reason this mod exists. It's due to them that I was able to put this together and actually make it work, as well as to those on the Stardew forums who helped me.

Another big thanks to Warhorse who took the time to help test my event fixes and proofread the vast majority of the mod for me.

TMXLoader's SpouseRoomTemplate was used to help design Robin's spouse room, thanks to the authors of those mods.


1.4.0. - Mod completely revamped, if updating from 1.3.1 or earlier, delete your [CP] Ram w Veronica or [CP] Ram no Veronica folder from your mods folder.
Added a config option.
14 Heart Event should no longer crash, but older version may be preferable for some and can be restored.
Movies should now work correctly for Robin and Veronica.
Further support for Stardew Valley Expanded.
Can now be configured to work with mods that swap the genders of the bachelors or bachelorettes.
Fully compatible with the Gender Neutrality mod.
Support for Pregnancy Roles mod.
Merged RRomanceAdditionalDialogue and [CP] Veronica with [CP] Robin Romance w Veronica into one mod. The main mod folder, [CP] Robin Romance (name changed from previous versions), now only contains two mods: [CP] Robin Romance w Veronica & [CP]RRomanceGSSupport.
Updated various conditional logic to match with the newer Content Patcher standards.
Updated festival data to no longer require TMXLoader, using the newer standards for custom NPCs.
Updated dialogue for usage with misscoriel's Unique Courtship mod if you have it installed.
Robin now appears in the Flower Dance.

1.3.1 - Events have been revamped to eliminate poor positioning of NPCs.
Events & Robin's schedule have been made compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded
Support has been added for MissCoriel's Unique Courtship mod.
Various fixes to dialogue, including breaks, incorrect lore info on Maru, and other things.
A few additional lines added for Sebastian and Maru.
Spouse Room fixed to no longer have Robin standing in the middle of her chair.
Added movie data for Robin and Veronica.
Robin now has a marriage schedule.
Fixed incorrect mod id for Ram no Veronica.

1.3.0 -  Added 4 & 8 Heart events for Veronica, 14 heart event for Robin. 
Various grammar, spelling, format, or style changes to dialogue, events, etc. 
8 heart Robin event no longer has day restrictions. Issue with triggering the event has been fixed. Issue with some branches of the event have been fixed.10 heart Robin event no longer has “not married” restriction (though it’s suggested to trigger it before marriage for story purposes). Added light radius to campfire (still doesn’t have fire unfortunately), cleaned up the formatting, and fixed the kissing sprites for the event to look better.New dialogue, primarily for Veronica, with some minor additions for other Stardew characters including Robin.
Fixed Marriage issues and dialogue centered around the completion of the community center.Corrected the bugged dialogue for Veronica during the flower dance. 

1.2.1 - Fixed Spouse Room. Ensure before installation of 1.2.1 that 1.2 or earlier versions' [TMX]SpouseRoomRam is deleted from within this mod's respective folder.

1.2.0 - Veronica Sprites and Portraits by Shadowfire1223 have been added. You may switch back to the old Veronica portraits by going into the appropriate content.json and enabling Veronica_Old instead.
An alternate Robin spritesheet by Shadowfire 1223 has been added for Robin. Go into the correct content.json and enable the RamAlt sprites if you'd like to use them.
Various events have been fixed to include Robin instead of Veronica, as well the 8 Heart event is now 1 event rather than 2!

1.1.0 - Fixed Veronica in the intro calling herself Robin. (For the Veronica version of the mod)
Changed the 6 Heart event to be more in character for Sebastian
Added Mail from Robin
Added a Quest from Robin
Tidied up the event section of the code, left the old version of the 6 heart event in the code. If you want to switch back to it, change Enabled false to Enabled true, and vice versa for the new 6 heart event. Make sure to only change true > false, false > true, if you mess with the quotes the code won’t work.
Made it so Robin, not Veronica, is part of the Sebastian event.