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First there was Christmas. Then came...The Decorating. SDV doesn't really have much for Christmas this lets you have all sorts of Christmas decor.

Permissions and credits
This mod has a ridiculous number of items (117 far) and I frankly had to stop myself from making more...

It DOES NOT contain any presents right now, because I'm frankly stuck.  Nothing looks quite right to me, so I've set that aside until.....whenever.

I did have some help on steam type 1 from MrKrowley.  They are super awesome for helping with that.  As is Solaria, who helped me test this out and rid it of some very annoying and quite pesky bugs.

As always, this requires a LOT of mods if you want to be able to place them all over the everywhere.  If you're just sprucing up the inside of the farmhouse, you only need the first three.

Custom Furniture
Entoarox Framework (optional)
Furniture Anywhere (optional)
Custom Furniture Anywhere (optional; be aware that using this can cause weird issues, but might not)

Unlike my other mods that require Custom Furniture, this does NOT go into the furniture folder inside.  Treat this like any other Content pack; just drop into the mods folder.

ASK TO USE MY SPRITES for other stuff, otherwise the answer is a default ABSOLUTELY NO.