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This farm's too small for all of us.

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^ High-level tactical gameplay

  • Everyone will be scattered over Stardew Valley at the start of the game.
  • You can find swords, slingshots, bombs, healing items and sometimes horses or even hats in chests spawned around the map.
  • Chop trees and craft fences to use as cover.
  • Hide behind trees/bushes/etc. for surprise attacks.
  • The world border will gradually close in on a location.
  • Last farmer standing wins.
  • In spectator mode, press M and click on a map location to teleport your view there

  • Install SMAPI:
  • Unzip the into your Stardew Valley folder. You should now have a folder Stardew Valley\Mods_BattleRoyalley
  • When you want to play the mod, double click the BattleRoyalley.bat file on Windows. On Linux run On Mac run BattleRoyalley.command.
     ~ If you want to play the vanilla game/your normal mods setup (not that you would ever want to anymore), launch the game however you usually would.
     ~ Do NOT play a normal save file with the mod installed; it may break your save.
     ~ If the scripts don't work on Mac/Linux, let me know. You can move the BattleRoyale from Mods_BattleRoyalley to Mods and launch SMAPI the usual way as a temporary fix.
  • Optional mods: Social Tab Patch, Server Browser. Install by dropping into Mods_BattleRoyalley

  • Join a server with the mod installed. Highly recommended to use Server Browser to find a server. (Remeber to place the Server Browser folder inside Mods_BattleRoyalley, not Mods.)
  • Wait for the next round to start

  • Install the Battle Royalley mod
  • Host a Co-op world. You can use the world I provided in the files section, or use your own. You will probably want to create a world with the mines area, the railroad, and the beach bridge unlocked.
  • Run br_setNumberOfPlayerSlots <player slots>, e.g. br_setNumberOfPlayerSlots 100 to set the number of player slots.
  • Invite players by sharing your invite code, IP, or using the Server Browser mod.
  • To start the game, press right control or run br_start in the SMAPI console.

You can configure config.json, spawns.json, chests.json and stormPhases.json in the BattleRoyale mod directory.
  ~ Set ShouldHostParticipate to false if you want the host player to afk all round.
  ~ Set TimeInSecondsBetweenRounds to -1 if you want to disable auto starting rounds.
  ~ This file contains all the spawn locations for the players. To set a new one, just follow the pattern in the file.
    To find your tile location in game, press Right Alt. It will be pasted in the SMAPI console.
  ~ Works the same as spawns.json, but for chest spawn placements. Note that chests will not always spawn. The amount of chest that spawns depends on the amount of online players.
  ~ During the game, multiple storm (the yellow cloud) phases will run consecutively.
  ~ Each phase contains multiple game locations (e.g. the Mayor's house) that will cover from 0% to 100% in the duration of the phase.
  ~ After each phase, there is a delay before the next phase begins.
  ~ In stormPhases.json you can create as many phases as you like, with delays, durations and their list of locations.
  ~ For CloseIn rectangles, X1/Y1 must be the top left corner and X2/Y2 must be the bottom right corner

Source code

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Funny-snek occasionally hosts Battle Royalley on his server: