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Adds a public online server browser, with many features: player/cabin count, server message, required mods and server installed mods, passwords etc.

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Adds an online public server browser. Note that you must the Steam version of the game for its multiplayer servers.

To join a server, click the online button after opening the Co-Op menu on the title screen. You can view all the servers on the next screen. Check any filters and refresh if you want.

To host a server, check the 'Public' checkbox on the host menu. Configure your server information in the config.json file. In ServerMessage, create new lines by adding a \n
In RequiredMods, the mods should be the UniqueID of each mod (check each mod's manifest). Place between double quotes and separate with commas. e.g: "RequiredMods": [ "Ilyaki.BattleRoyalley", "Ilyaki.ArtifactSystemFixed" ],
If you would like to ban any mods (remember that SMAPI comes default with a cheat mod), use the Anti-Cheat Server mod


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