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Allows you to configure crab pots. Including if bait is required, if you can find trash, to fully choosing what you find in every water body separately, as well as choosing what trash items you can find

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to configure certain parts of crab pots.
The mod uses item ids to determine the wanted item, you can find a list of them in this website:


  • [LocationName] 
{WhatCanBeFound { itemId, chance, quantity} - A list of items that can be found in that water location - ( for a list of item IDs)
WhatTrashCanBeFound {itemId, chance, quantity} - A list of items that can found in that water location as trash - ( for a list of item IDs)
  • EnableTrash: Whether you can find trash or not.
  • RequiresBait: Whether you require to bait a crab pot to catch something.
  • EnablePassiveTrash: If a crab pot has not been baited but bait is required in the config there is a possibility to randomly get trash.
  • PercentageChanceForTrash: The percent chance to find trash when EnablePassiveTrash is true.
  • PercentageChanceForTrash: Allows you to select the % chance you have to get trash (int, not decimal) 0 to never get trash, 100 to always get trash.
  • EnableBetterQuality: Allows crab pots to product normal, silver, gold, and iridium quality stuff. (Max quality and chance increases with fishing skill).

Chances: The way chances work is not through percent but through the number of elements. To easier imagine this, imagine all ids are put in a big list (per water type) and each id is put in that list 'chanceConfig' number of times. So if I have an id of '100' with a chance of '1' and an id of '101' with a chance of '3' the list of what a crab pot can find has 4 elements in it, 1 element is 100 and 3 elements are 101, when converting this to percent it would be: 25% of finding an id of 100 and 75% of finding an id of 101.

If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports you can also contact me directly on discord (typically I'm faster at replying on discord than on Nexus) (Satozaki#0511)
Known Issues
  • Rings, boots, and hats are not wearable when found in a crab pot

Extra info
  • To uninstall delete Stardew Valley/Mods/BetterCrabPots.