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A compilation of several stand-alone mods that will attempt to improve the experience of marrying Maru. This bundle mod will enhance several other game features.

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Maru Expanded is a bundle mod that will attempt to improve Maru interactions with the farmer and her closest ones in every possible way. My goal is to enhance the player's overall experience with Maru once you marry her.

Without further ado, lets talk about Maru's personality and features for a moment:

Maru is a gifted young woman who has lots of passions and skills but is not a master of them all. She is still deciding on what to specialize just yet. She is inclined into scientific hobbies such as gadgeteering, stargazing and part time jobs such as nursery. Her intelligence is one of her most notable attributes, such quality attracts people such as Penny, which shares a similar taste for books, but it also alienates other Stardew citizens, who aren't as passionate as Maru into such things. Her father has been very overprotecting on Maru on this attribute in particular.

Physically, she is also very different than the rest of her peers. She is a strong woman, just like her mother, Robin, who taught her how to woodcutting and perform exhausting carpentry tasks. She is also bulkier than the other girls due to her genes, something that naive people would often consider as fat. 
Because Maru defies the physical stardards of a normal woman, she was often bullied by some people of their age, this made her alienate from such individuals and befriended older wiser people. Her mother has been of great support on this characteristic in particular.

While creating this mod, I tried to delve deeply into one of Maru's most complex traits, her emotional intelligence. We know there are some issues not yet solved with her family, specially with Sebastian who holds a grudge towards her and his father.
With these mods I will try to describe Maru's feelings towards her family and friends issues, her thoughts on being a mother and marriage, her new chores and activities as a married person and much more.

Maru Expanded is divided into several mods, that way you are able to choose which features you decide to implement into the game. All of them require Content Patcher to work!

1- New Maru Portraits and Sprites

This Content Patch mod contains new portraits and sprites for Maru. I tried my best to stay true to the original color palette while also improving both her shape and movement.
Both her dancing and wedding dress have been reworked; All her nurse dress movements and expressions have been updated; Every single sprite animation made by Maru has been considered and improved.
This mod also contains a lot of new animations that will bring a new facet upon Maru in the other mod contained in this bundle.

2- Maru's Babies and Toddlers Sprites

Not only will Maru recieved a sprite overhaul, but also her possible children. This Content Patch mod contains new sprites for all the possible babies and toddlers, including their grow stages which have been improved. The babies now resemble Maru, even if they are her biological children or not.

3- Maru Marriage Dialog Overhaul

I was pretty involved into adding new interactive dialogue once you marry Maru! This will be a bold statement, but it would take you a couple of game years to see them all!
This Content Patch mod edits each and every single piece of marriage dialogue said by Maru. They could trigger on a rainy day, at night, the day before a festival, when having her first child and much, much more.
These new set of dialogues are interactive in many different ways, see below for more information about them:

1- Repeatable questions: Some days, before heading outside, Maru will ask you if you want anything to eat (and actually recieve something), or perhaps ask you how was your day. These questions will have multiple options for you to answer.
2- One time questions with follow-up dialogues: One day she could ask for your opinion on a certain issue and the next year she could bring it back. Be careful on what you say, she will roast you if you are mean to her.
3- Multiple random dialogs: Most of the new dialogues have multiple statements on a sigle topic. She could say a lot about it on one day and few words on another.
4- Not only will she have a whole new set of dialogues for every festival, but she will also behave more dinamically on them.

4- Maru Joins the Yoga Club

After Maru marries you, the ladies of Stardew Valley invite her into the Yoga Club, where they excercise and have fun together. The contents of this Content Patch varies in many ways like shown bellow:

1- The Yoga Club will be moved to Wednesday, when both Maru and Harvey are able to join and excercise. The sessions will be done inside Pierre's house, which is closed on Wednesdays. You will need to restore the Community Center to spy at the ladies while doing their workout.
2- Harvey joins the Yoga Club sessions on the first Wednesday of each season, as long as he has enough friendship with you.
3- As a bonus Maru's schedule on Mondays was also rework. After the Community Center has been restored, Maru will hang out with Penny on the afternoon and survey through all the books in the CC's library.
4- Some villagers will have new dialogues that are related to Maru, like Robin and Emily.

And that's all for now!
But there are many projects I'm working on! I wish to add a prequel for MarILDA's event, a rework for Maru's room, the conflict between Maru and his stepbrother and plenty more! Hope you all have a great time with this mod!