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Tired of getting home after a fun day at the Festival only to find that you have a full bar of energy and no time to do anything? Fret not! Now you can get home when the Festival was supposed to end!

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Update 1.1.0 - Fixed bug preventing non-festival events to exit properly. 


Remember that day when you had to decide, do I go to the town Festival and potentially lose out on actually doing something productive, or skip the Town Festival this year and work on my [Skill]? Well now you don't have to decide! You can do both! 

This mod allows the Farmer to return home at the time the respective Festival was supposed to end!
*   Spring 13th, Egg Festival:   0900 - 1400
*   Spring 24th, Flower Dance:0900 - 1400
*   Summer 11th, Luau:            0900 - 1400
*   Summer 28th, Dance of the Moonlight Jellies:         2200 - 2400
*   Fall 16th,   Stardew Valley Fair:                                  0900 - 1500
*   Fall 27th,   Sprit's Eve:                                                 2200 - 2350
*   Winter 8th,  Festival of Ice:                                         0900 - 1400
*   Winter 25th, Feast of the Winter Star:                      0900 - 1400

Of course, the villagers still take the entire Festival day off, so shops will still be closed. However, some villagers will still hang out in their normal spots and be available to talk to that day. (I'm sure they'd love for you to stop by and say hi!).

Have fun with all the extra time you have! Well, you know...except on days like Summer 28 or Fall 27. I mean, you should have gotten stuff done earlier that day anyway!

This mod should be compatible with other mods such as Festival Tweaks that alter the Festival times in the xnb files. I haven't tested this directly but my mod uses calculated start and end times based on the xnb contents so any changes to the file shouldn't be an issue. If you do have issues, let me know!

Have an idea for similar mods? Let me know!

Working versions of Stardew Valley:
- 1.3.32

- Install SMAPI
- Unzip this mod to the mods folder

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