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This mod allows you to ride a miniature version of the 1972 Ducati 750 Sport motorbike, either as a direct replacement of your first horse or as a replacement of any other horses you may have on your farm (although this second option requires an additional mod to be combined with this one).

Permissions and credits
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To replace the default horse, use the CP file, by downloading the first file listed, unzipping the file and moving the resulting folder "[CP] CK's Ducati Motorbike" into your Stardew Valley "Mods" folder. 

To replace only a specified horse and prevent all horses from becoming bikes, you need to use the new AdoptSkin mod by Gathouria

1. Unzip the imagine and rename it to "horse_4.png"
2. Download and install the AdoptSkin mod by Gathouria
3. Copy and paste the horse_4.png to the Horse folder in the AdoptnSkin Mod folder;

AdoptSkin > Assets > Skins > Horse > horse_4.png

4. Follow the detailed instructions on the AdoptSkin mod page to select the correct horse and the correct horse skin.

You might also benefit from trying the Customize Exterior mod as well, however, it does not seem able to set two stable exteriors within one save very well at this stage (there is no other way that I'm currently aware of to change this stable to a garage/different looking exterior reliably). 

This only comes in one colour because it's not a generic bike but a specific model that only comes in this colour. I may or may not do other bike models that happen to be other colours in the future, maybe, but I do not like hue slider adjusted mods that provide 20 washed-out versions of the same thing so don't expect this one to suddenly be available in many colours, sorry. I colour and pixel all assets by hand and never use shortcuts because I'd rather have one high-quality option than many poorer quality ones.

this is my first time ever making and/or publishing a mod, so apologies if there are mishaps. 

I do not give permission for the art/visual assets in this mod to be utilised by anyone else for any other purpose other than for modding Stardew Valley (personal use). Please do not reuse my art or visual assets for commercial uses, or to modify for your own mod without receiving my express, written permission first. Please do not re-upload this mod or the art/visual assets anywhere else, it is exclusively available on and should not be anywhere else.

Other mods featured in my screenshots:
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Alternative Marshmallow Unicorn *I removed the saddle from my version as there is no publically available saddle-less version