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Sick of Maru's hideous nurse costume? Change them into a nice set of scrubs!

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Maru doesn't seem to get that much love, and I always hated her ugly nurse costume, so I changed them into a set of scrubs.
I tried to replicate ConcernedApe's art style as best I could so that they didn't look so out of place.

1.6 Update!
Don't like Maru's glasses? Now you can remove them from her Portraits! Works with both Vanilla and Slightly Cuter Aesthetic face versions.

Update: More colors! Slightly Cuter Aesthetic! Random Colors and Patterns!
You can now choose from 8 solid colors (blue, yellow, lavender, pink, green, teal, white, or black) of scrubs and 2 patterns (stars or dinosaurs).
She can even change her hair! She can have it down, mostly up, or entirely up depending on what you like!

Want Maru to have a new set of scrubs each day? Well now you can with randomized colors and patterns! Warning: Patterns may look odd or invisible on some colors, such as the stars pattern on white scrubs.

(Thanks to LorSnore for the color/pattern suggestions!)

This mod is incompatible with any other mod that changes Maru's hospital outfit! This includes things like Seasonal Outfits and the such, so you will need to remove any Maru Hospital files from those mods as they suggest in order to allow for this one to load properly.
Because I also like and use use Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic I have added the option to seamlessly blend her modified face, hair, and overworld sprite with SO-SCA's style changes via the "Cuter" option. This includes the ability to hide her glasses and nose on the overworld sprite if desired.
I did not make these assets for the SCA version and all credit goes Poltergeister and Geckobud for their work on Maru's Hosptial and Summer portraits/sprite which I adjusted to work with this mod. And be sure to check out Seasonal Outfits if you haven't already!

Also includes an optional NoMoreBowlegs version!

  "Scrubs Color": Choose from Black, Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink, Teal, White, Yellow, or Random. Blue by default
  "Portrait BaseType": Choose her Vanilla portrait face or the altered Slightly Cuter Aesthetic one. Vanilla by default
  "Overworld BaseType": How her overworld sprite appears, choose from Vanilla, Slightly Cuter Aesthetic, or No Bowlegs. Vanilla by default
  "Pattern": Choose between Stars, Dinosaurs, None, or Random. None by default
  "Hair Style": Choose what hairstyle you want, Vanilla, Slightly Cuter Aesthetic's mostly updo, or entirely up. Up by default
  "Nametag On Overworld": Does her overworld sprite have a nametag? Defaults to true
  "SCAGlasses": "true", Whether the Slightly Cuter Aesthetic version has glasses in the overworld sprite or not. Defaults to true
  "SCANose": "true" Whether the Slightly Cuter Aesthetic version has a nose in the overworld sprite or not. Defaults to true
  "GlassesOnPortrait": "true" Whether Maru has glasses in her Portraits or not. Defaults to true

Also now works with Generic Mod Config Menu so you can change the color of her scrubs on the fly.

If there are any other mod integrations you would like to see, feel free to let me know in the post comments. :)