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Do you hate looking at the vanilla scarecrows? Want to make your farm/vineyard look like a pretentious statue garden? Or if you just like old SNES games, then this is the mod for you. No SMAPI needed

Permissions and credits
Replaces all of the scarecrows with statues of old nintendo characters, and the 3 secret statues with 2 Rodins and a Moai head statue. Also replaces 2 of the torches w a hobo's oil drum and a golden pufferchick statue. Both can be lit on fire as normal.

The new scarecrows and statues are:

-Harvest Goddess from Harvest Moon
-Brain Bomber/Phantom Bomber from Bomberman 2
-Samus Aran
-Darkworld /Bunny Link
-Pufferchick torch
-Flying Man from Earthbound
-Fallen Caryatid Carrying Her Stone - Auguste Rodin
-random Moai head
-The Bather - Auguste Rodin

How to:

1) dl

2) extract and open folder. now open a new window

3) find your Stardew Valley game folder and open the Content folder. If you use Steam, hopefully you know where your game files are. Otherwise, it'll be something like: C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\Stardew.Valley.v1.2.31\Stardew.Valley.v1.2.31\Content

4) in the Tilesheets folder, find the file Craftables.xnb and make a backup. always make backups

5) copy/paste new .xnb file into the Tilesheets folder. thats all