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The world has feelings too, you know? Whether the world is Sad, Happy, Angry, or another of the 31 moods, I guarantee each week will be a different experience than the last.

Permissions and credits
Notable Features:

  • 31 new moods for variation in the days.
  • Modifiers to Monsters based on the current world mood. (Health, Resilience, Scale, etc..)
  • Difficulty increases based on amount of players in the game.
  • Random moods each day.
  • Fair balancing of mood multipliers based on days. (Let me know if there are changes anyone thinks should be made!)
  • Certain days will give temporary modifiers to player health and stamina, can be positive or negative effects.

Partial Compatibility:

  • Probably anything that's partially compatible.


  • Any mod that isn't compatible.

Required Mods:

  • Latest or almost latest version of SMAPI. - by Pathoschild
  • ***Level Extender*** - By Unidarkshin, this mod uses the level extender API and will NOT load without Level Extender installed.  The mod shares information with LEModApi and uses LEModApi for spawn rate adjustments for better compatibility.  **Install Level Extender like any other mod, do not add it to the Moody Planet folder.**

Recommended Mods:

Bugs / Exploits:

  • Check the bugs section.

Installation: (SMAPI mods are very easy to install)

  1. Place the main folder "MoodyPlanet" in "StardewValley/Mods" AKA extract the zip file.

SMAPI Custom Commands for Level Extender:

  1. "mpdebug": Turns on and off the Debug messages. Off by default. Only use if you need to report a bug, and can reproduce with debug on.
  2. "mood": Displays, in console, current world mood.
  3. ** "moodmultis" "mm": Displays, in console, the current multipliers for the world mood

Important Notices:

  • **** PLEASE BACKUP SAVES - I am not responsible for lost content. ****
  • Known bug: An error can occur that will show in SMAPI Console if the host crashes, and sometimes will show up if the spawn rate for monsters is too high. In testing, the error doesn't cause any issues and can be ignored, a fix is being worked on.

Recent Updates:

  • First release 9/16/18.
  • Second Release 4/11/2019
  • Added support for the newest version, and got the mod ready for SMAPI 3.0.

Redistribution or modification of my mod is NOT allowed.

Please report bugs and enjoy!

If you have issues you can always contact me on Discord. (ItsDan#6969)