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Send gifts and quest items to NPCs from anywhere.

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This mod lets you send gifts and quest items to NPCs from anywhere in the world! Open the menu with Y (configurable) while holding a gift, select an NPC, and voila! The mod updates your gift statistics and friendship points like usual.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using StardewModdingAPI.exe.

  • You can only send items to NPCs you've met before. Marriage-related items (Mermaid's Pendant, Bouquet, Wedding Ring) are not allowed.
  • To change the hotkey, start the game once and check the mod folder for config.json. Use this page for help with hotkey options.
  • If your account is newly created, you have to open your inventory at least once before the mod will work. This is a quirk with the base game.
  • The mod works with most quests, but some require that you arrive in person. The quest description will tell you.

Config options
  • [ MenuAccessKey ]
  • [ AllowQuestSubmissions ] Whether or not to allow quest submissions (default: true)
  • [ LazyItemChecking ] When turned on, gathering quests will be marked as finished based on the number of items you have remaining. For example, you can collect 10/20 Copper Ore and send the rest to Clint. When turned off, you need the entire batch in your inventory. (default: false)

Version history

  • Fixed a bug that occurs when an NPC name is changed by a mod or language pack
  • NPCs that cannot be gifted are now ignored when quest-completion is off
  • Added optimizations

  • Fixed a bug that caused your held item to be subtracted twice
  • Mod now properly checks if you are trying to send a high-quality item instead of removing the first matching item in your inventory

  • You can now submit quest items remotely. This includes basic delivery quests, fishing quests, and requests for ore or other resources
  • Added additional config options
  • Added an alert when a gift is successful
  • Added an alert when you don't have enough material for a collection quest
  • Mod now properly checks whether an NPC is your spouse
  • Mod now properly checks when you try to submit a Wedding Ring
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when you try to submit a tool
  • Fixed a bug regarding Clint's romance quest with Emily
  • Quests that reward 0 gold are now removed from the quest log automatically

  • Released version for players not participating in Stardew Valley beta

  • You can now submit a third gift to someone on their birthday (same as in base game)
  • You can now submit a gift to your spouse every day (same as in base game)
  • Removed the ability to submit the following items: Bouquet, Mermaid's Pendant, Wedding Ring

  • Removed unnecessary file

  • Released