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This mod adds in reminders for birthdays in an immersive style in the form of mail from the mayor.
Includes Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese languages~

Permissions and credits
This mod adds in an immersible way to remind the player about NPC birthdays.
Mail is sent from mayor Lewis. Every mail has additional flare text for the specific villager.
This is my first mod so go easy on me :3


Version 2.0.0:

Update to game version 1.4.3 and SMAPI version 3.0+
Added Russian and Portuguese translations. 
Portuguese check and revisions by Karmylla. Check out their mods!
Updated implementation of Content Patcher for compatibility with other mods

Thank You's:

Thank you to Pathos for helping me out with the Content Patcher implementation and tips on making things look nicer for the end user on the nexus page <33

Portuguese check and revisions by Karmylla. Check out their mods!

Portuguese translation by Lennox186 and ZonaryQuasar
Russian translation by forum user senxd
Chinese translation by yuwenlan

This mod was featured on Gerim's Channel!

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Source code on GitHub

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