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Natural Paths is a Content Patcher mod which offers many possible replacements for the craftable paths. Choices include two shades of grass, two shades of dirt, sand, straw, and more; most options include seasonal variations.

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Natural Paths
 is a Content Patcher mod which offers a variety of replacements for the craftable path items in the game, with an emphasis on "natural" styles. All graphics are modifications of original game assets and most include seasonal variations. There are a variety of Customization options which can be set in the config.json file; this file is not included with the download and will be automatically created the first time the game is run with the mod loaded.


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
  3. Unzip the download and place the included [CP] Natural Paths folder into your Mods folder.


  • The standard configuration allows the player to replace as many as four different path items with any of eight different textures. First, the replacement textures themselves are listed:
    • None -- no change; this option lets the player keep the original texture for that item
    • LightGrass -- matches the lighter grass texture on the farm such as the area above the shipping bin
    • DarkGrass -- matches the darker grass textures seen most commonly on the Forest/Foraging Farm layout
    • LightDirt -- matches the common tillable dirt areas of the farm
    • DarkDirt -- matches the darker dirt textures seen on some maps such as the area in front of Robin's house
    • Pipe -- a not-quite-natural wide metal pipe
    • Sand -- matches the sand on the Beach map
    • Straw -- a texture similar to the vanilla Straw Floor but without the wood underneath; it also has seasonal color changes and the straw shows even when the path is 1 tile wide
    • Shadow -- a dark translucent texture which has the feel of a shadow
    • Transparent -- a nearly invisible texture which allows the player to cover the ground to block seed dispersal without significantly changing the look of the area; it was designed to be just dark enough to see but that visibility depends a lot on what's underneath
  • Nine different flooring textures can be replaced (everything except Stepping Stone Path). Each one can be assigned any of the above textures. Note that the five items which are called "Floor" in the unmodded game have a hardcoded shadow added by the game. These shadows can be removed by using the Floor Shadow Switcher mod.
    • CobblestonePath_Replacement chooses the replacement for Cobblestone Path. Default is None.
    • CrystalFloor_Replacement chooses the replacement for Crystal Floor. Default is None.
    • CrystalPath_Replacement chooses the replacement for Crystal Path. Default is None.
    • GravelPath_Replacement chooses the replacement for Gravel Path. Default is DarkDirt.
    • StoneFloor_Replacement chooses the replacement for Stone Floor. Default is None.
    • StrawFloor_Replacement chooses the replacement for Straw Floor. Default is None.
    • WeatheredFloor_Replacement chooses the replacement for Weathered Floor. Default is None.
    • WoodFloor_Replacement chooses the replacement for Wood Floor. Default is None.
    • WoodPath_Replacement chooses the replacement for Wood Path. Default is LightGrass.
  • The LightGrass and DarkGrass textures for Winter are made to look similar to the grass textures of other seasons. However, the farm layouts use smoother snow & ice textures in these areas. The following configuration options let the player override the rough grass textures with those alternatives.
    • Snow_Overrides_LightGrass chooses the smoother snowy texture in Winter when LightGrass is in use.
    • Choices are true or false (default).
    • Ice_Overrides_DarkGrass chooses the smoother icy texture in Winter when DarkGrass is in use.
    • Choices are true (default) or false.
  • Version 2 adds support for some popular recolors and there are 2 configuration options to control this behavior.
    • Use_Recolor controls whether the recolor textures should be used. The default is auto which will automatically select the Eemie recolor if the CP version of Eemie's Just A New Map Recolor is detected or the Starblue recolor if the unofficial CP conversion of Starblue Valley is detected. These recolors can also be forced via the options Eemie or Starblue respectively.
    • Eemie_Fall_Variant controls whether the Fall paths will match the green (default) or orange version when using Eemie's recolor.
  • Finally, there are some options which can be set for how the modded items are crafted.
    • Crafting_Material lets the player choose which material is necessary to craft all modded paths.
    • Choices are clay, fiber (default), hardwoodsapstone, wood , and NoChange.The NoChange option keeps the crafting recipe unchanged from whatever original item was replaced.
    • Crafting_Amount lets the player choose how many path items are crafted from each single material.
    • Choices are 1 (default), 5, or 10.

Additional Notes:
  • The crafting recipe and path items themselves will not change names and will still refer to the item that was replaced. This is done to prevent possible issues with acquiring recipes and awarding of the Craft Master  achievement.
  • Footstep & placement sounds are hardcoded based on the original path type and cannot be changed through a Content Patch.


Natural Paths requires Content Patcher version 1.7 or higher (which means it also requires SMAPI version 2.11 or higher). It should work with version 1.3.36 of Stardew Valley.