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This mod replaces the default horse you are given in the game with a chocobo! New updates include 11 different Chocobo color options and 10 different saddles!

Permissions and credits

       If using the main Mod file for Content Patcher, follow the steps below: 
        1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
        2. Install Content Patcher.
        3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods or just download if using a mod manager like Vortex.
        4. Configure options by editing the included config.json file, or in game using Generic Mod Config Menu. 
        5. Run the game using SMAPI!

    If using the optional files for Adopt 'n' Skin, follow the steps below: 
      *Note! This file only contains the Chocobo skin files, for use with Adopt 'n' Skin. If using Adopt 'n' Skin, do not download the main mod, only the skins. 
    1. Download the optional skins file
    2. Extract and place the included "Horse" folder into your AdoptSkin/assets/skins folder 
    3. Configure color options 

    The Chocobo skin files are listed as Horse_1 - Horse_11 
    Horse_1 = Yellow
    Horse_2 = Purple
    Horse_3 = Silver 
    Horse_4 = Brown 
    Horse_5 = Blue 
    Horse_6 = Red
    Horse_7 = Green 
    Horse_8 = Black 
    Horse_9 = White
    Horse_10 = Gold
    Horse_11 = Pink 

    *Note: Saddles are not available if using Adopt n Skin 


    If using the "config.json" file:
    To configure color/saddle choices, edit the included "config.json" file in a text editor like notepad/notepad++ with your desired options. The default values in the config file are for a "Yellow" Chocobo with a "Brown" saddle enabled.

    You can choose from the following Chocobo and saddle colors. 
    Chocobo color options: Yellow, Purple, Silver, Brown, Blue, Red, Green, Black, White, Gold, and Pink. 
    Saddle color options: Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Grey, Light Brown, Pink, Red, and White. 
    (If enabled, "SaddleOn" will be set to "true") 

    Example Configuration: 
    As an example, if you wanted to change the Chocobo color to "Purple" and the saddle color to "White" you would need to edit the config.json file to look like this: 


        "ColorSelection": "Purple",

        "SaddleOn": "true",

        "SaddleColor": "White",

        "MenuIcon": "true"


    If using Generic Mod Config Menu: 
    Simply open the ChocoboMod settings in the mod configuration menu and select a color from the available drop down options.