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Makes just about everything about trees configurable:
Normal trees and even mushroom trees grow in winter, tree seeds don't grow in the shade of a grown tree, buffed mahogany trees, save sprouted trees from non axe tools, adjustable fruit/ normal tree growth speed and much more.

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Do you want tapper products to have quality? How about the mushrooms in the mushroom cave? Do you want to grow and find fiddlehead fern early on? Do you want the survival burger to actually be a worthy foraging reward? Then check out my new mod Forage Fantasy!

Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.5.3 and SMAPI 3.8.4. Source available on Github:

Are you tired of getting stuck on saplings that grow in the shade of your perfect tree farm?
Do you just want to farm the seeds but they are constantly growing so you can't pick them anymore?
Do you want your normal and mushroom trees to grow alongside your fruit trees in the winter?

Then fear no more, tapper or lumberjack. I present to you the Tree Overhaul!

10 configurable additions to your trusty trees:

1. Tree seeds don't grow in the shade of a grown tree (the 8 surrounding tiles). So you can walk over them and collect them. (default: true)

Comparison after clearing the farm on the 1st of summer then leaving it grow until the 28th of summer with or without the mod installed.

2. Normal trees grow in winter even without fertilizer. Why should fruit trees be the only ones! (default: true)

Example growth change pictures are on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of winter.

Keep in mind that I used the same numbers as in vanilla. So the tree growth in and of itself will still be entirely random unlike fruit trees.

3. Mushroom trees grow in winter. Why should they simply die every winter and magically revive in the spring? (default: false)

4. Fruit trees don't grow in winter. No pictures or explanation needed. (default: false)
(Done by Request from Lissimo)

5. Small tree stumps don't block other tree growth. In the base game even the stump of a chopped down fully grown tree prevents other trees from growing. This makes it so trees ignore small tree stumps when checking for obstacles that block their growth. (default: false)

6. Sprouted saplings (including fruit trees) are safe from hoe, pickaxe and optionally also scythe and melee weapons. Now you can remove weeds or harvest seeds with an upgraded hoe without destroying the saplings next to them! Choose one of the following numbers:
0: Disabled (default)
1: Saves normal and fruit tree sprouts from hoes and pickaxes.
2: Additionally saves normal sprouts from scythes (fruit trees are immune to weapons by default). Use this option if you clear out weeds with a scythe anyway and don't want the mod to try and save sprouts when you are using your sword in the mines.
3: Additionally saves normal sprouts from all melee weapons, including their secondary attacks (fruit trees are immune to weapons by default).
(Done by Request from Freshairkaboom and YumeMiru)

7. Buffed mahogany trees: In the base game they only have a 15% chance to grow normally and 60% with fertilizer. This removes the unneeded nerf and makes the chances 20% and 100% respectively like for all other trees. (default: false)

8. Adjustable chance for seeds to drop when shaking a tree (chance depends on the host in multiplayer). You can change the default chance of 5% to as low as 0% or as high as 100%! (default: 5, values lower than 0 will be reset to 5, values higher than 100 will be set to 100, not compatible with deluxe grabber redux)

9. Normal trees have twice the chances to grow each day. Tree growth may appear erratic due to the random nature of its growth but is on average twice as fast. Respects config settings from normal/ mushroom trees grow in winter. (default: false)
(Done by Request from Arshness)

10. Configurable fruit tree growth: Insert 0 in the config for vanilla, 1 for twice as fast (14 days to mature) or 2 for half as fast (56 days to mature).
Respects config settings from fruit trees don't grow in winter. (default: 0)
(Original Request from Dilwoah)

SMAPI: I built version 3.2.1 of this mod based on version 3.8.4. It should be compatible with a few future versions and a few prior version. You can get the latest version of SMAPI here.

Install SMAPI. Then extract the content of the downloaded zip file into the SMAPI mods folder, change the config file inside the mod and start the game via the SMAPI launcher or Steam if you have set the launch option for SMAPI in Steam.

You can also optionally use Generic Mod Config Menu to change the config ingame without the need to restart (otherwise you need to restart) but it is not required to be installed.

Simply delete the prior version, install the new one and check the updated config created after the first startup (Changes require restart to take effect if you have not made them with Generic Mod Config Menu).

You can delete this mod from your mods folder at any time to remove the features without losing any trees or other issues like in some similar mods. If you are in winter, mushroom trees will revert to stumps but they will regrow in spring again.