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To achieve ultimate happiness - Step 1: Marry Harvey. Step 2: Download mod. Step 3: ??? Step 4: Enlightenment!

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Hi, my name is Tarlonniel, and I'm a Harvey fan.

I've just escaped from the Stardew Valley Zoo - they called me "the rare nutcasius amoratis boringus" - and I'm using my newly-acquired freedom to bring this mod to you, my fellow Harvey fans, in hopes of adding more joy to your lives. Also in hopes of tracking down someone to offer to the zookeepers in my stead. They're a persistent bunch.


Nineteen new post-marriage lines and a brand new 12 heart event!


SMAPI and Content Patcher. It seems to be fully compatible with 1.5 - at least, nothing's exploded yet.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think they've found my trail again, and I need to jump in my getaway hot air balloon. Eat your vegetables, people! Over and out.

Moar Harvey now available in Chinese (click here) and, thanks to fellow fugitive Sapphireus, in Russian (on files page).