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This mod allows you to do emotes and to see other players emotes using a draggable interface.

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This mod is still in beta and may add or change features in a future.

This mod allows to play emotes and to other players see your emotes. Adds a interface to play any Stardew Valley emote in any time.

The interface is a button to open and close the emote list, and the button can be dragged holding the right click and positioned in any place of the screen.

To know what changed between versions you can go to the Release Notes.

Note: In order to other players see the emotes the host and the other players will need to have this mod.


This mod requires SMAPI. All the help to install the API and troubleshooting help can be found in the "Player guide".

Follow these spteps to install the mod:
  1. Download the mod
  2. Extract the .zip in the Mods folder

Configuration File

The mod allows some configuration, and can be changed in the config.json file if you want.
The config file is generated once Stardew Valley is launched at least once with the mod installed.

Available settings:

Default true. Enable or disable the emote menu button animation.

Default true. Enable or disable the tooltip when hovering the emote menu button

Console Commands

This mod adds some console commands to use with the SMAPI console. This can be useful in case a emote gets stuck playing or to stop playing emotes.

The commands are the following:

emote <value>

Play the emote with the passed id
value: A integer representing the animation id.

Stop any playing emote

Stop any playing emote by other players

You can found the source code here.