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Bored of the boring old Clint? Spruce up your game (by a little) with this renewed Clint look! Satisfaction is not guaranteed! lol

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Good day peeps!

This mod replaces the sprite of your hopeless romantic blacksmith with a more enhanced* version that I guarantee may or may not satisfy your taste.
See what I did there
No promises!

*Of course this is subjective, if you prefer the original sprite then good for ya!

*UPDATE! 09/June/2018*
Added portraits!
Content Patcher version is available and so is the regular XNB.
A higher resolution version is also available for those who wants it (This requires the Portraiture mod made by Platonymus)
Here's the link to the Nexus mod page if you are interested.

Click the "File" section below the pictures to select other files you'd like to use, such as the Content Patcher version for example.



<-Normal version
Hi-Res version-> 

GIF Examples:


I made this "mod" because I got bored of the original sprite and also because I wanted to use it alongside DC-Burger's portraits. (Check it out if you haven't!) 

Anyway, cheers and don't forget to endorse this mod if you like it! I appreciate it!

Possible to do list:
Add Content Patcher support for those who uses them. (Will be optional)  Done
Create the portraits of Clint with this new look.  Done
Improve the sprite. lol
Add different versions...? (Full beard, clean shaven etc...)
Seasonal sprite (Changes Clint sprite in every season)
Eat more.

Manual (No mods required):

Locate your Stardew Valley directory.
It is recommended to save a back up file of the Clint.xnb file from the folder "Characters". ( Content/Characters )
Unzip or extract the .xnb file after downloading.
Place the file into the folder "Characters".

Content Patcher:
Locate your Stardew Valley directory.
Ensure that SMAPI is installed. (Any version above 2.0 should work)
Ensure that Content Patcher is installed. (Minimum version is 1.3.0)
Unzip or extract the .zip file after downloading.
Place the file into the mod folder.
(Optional) Change the config.json according to your taste.

*First release.
*Added Gif Examples
*Added Content Patcher support
*Edited Alternative Version.
*Added Portraits!