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Customize the challenges and rewards for the Adventure Guild! Compliment your thirst for battle with rewards that matter. Your heroic deeds should be recognized!

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Customize your Adventure Guild Challenges!

You can easily switch between the vanilla challenges and rewards and a recommended reward system. With a little tweaking, you can even make your own system of challenges and rewards. Restore the glory of the Adventure Guild, and reward your farmer for keeping the Valley safe!

Recently Added:
- Fixed issue with Mummies not registering for farm hands!
- Fixed issue with Mutant insects and Farm kills not registering for farm hands!
- Mutant Grub and Mutant Fly are now available for custom challenges
- Rewards can be a stack of items such as 100 diamonds
- Notifications now show when any challenge is complete
- Rebalanced the config and added Mutant Insects as a challenge

To install:
- Install Stardew Valley
- Install the latest SMAPI (https://smapi.io)
- Download and unzip this mod
- (Optional) If updating, backup your config.json file to save your custom configuration
- Copy to StardewValley/Mods folder
- Start StardewValleyModdingAPI.exe and enjoy the new challenges and rewards!

To use the new list of challenges:

This is included in the latest version of the mod. Install the mod and the rest is taken care of!

To create your own challenges:

Go to the mod folder and edit config.json. Set "CustomChallengesEnabled" from 'false' to 'true' (without the single quotes).
Use the README in the mod folder to guide you through setting up. It has all the codes and info to help you set it up.

To customize Gil's dialogue:

- Open config.json in the mod folder
- Update "GilNoRewardDialogue" to update the dialogue in the second screenshot
- Update "GilSleepingDialogue" to update the dialogue in the third screenshot
- Update "GilSpecialGiftDialogue" to update the dialogue when you receive a special gift!

The mod has an API that you can use to add and remove challenges in case you have custom monster types you want to add! Check the source link below for details.