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Replaces usage of American English with their British English equivalents, and localises the game to some degree. Also configurable with Generic Mod Config Tool.

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This is a language pack using Content Patcher (which also requires SMAPI), which replaces usage of American English spellings and language with their British English equivalents. Its features:
  • Replaces American English spellings with British English counterparts
  • Replaces some American-specific language with more native language
  • Changes the time format from 12-hour to 24-hour (e.g. "13:00" instead of "1:00pm") - you can toggle this if you have GMCM installed
  • Updates some existing strings to fix either spelling mistakes or number formatting ("1000" in a dialogue would be changed to "1,000", for example)
  • Patches a few sprites to localise them - the language menu now lists the existing, default English as "English (US)", a few sprites were changed to refer to autumn instead of fall

Be sure to choose the "British English" language on the title screen from the language selection menu (the little speech bubble). It's on the second page on the right, as all modded languages are!
Some stuff is still in progress - all text apart from the actual character dialogues are done because there is a lot of dialogue to go through.
I will upload an update when the new 1.6 content is done.

There is some amount of nuance to the choice of language changes - while the Movie Theater is now the Cinema, and "movies" are now called "films", Evelyn is old enough to remember when it was still called the Pictures.

If you also have Generic Mod Config Menu installed, this pack allows you to:
  • Choose an alternative name for Grandpa ("Grandpa", "Grandad" or "Grandfather")
  • Choose an alternative name for Pierre's General Store ("Pierre's Seed Shop", "Pierre's Village Shop", "Pierre's Corner Shop", "Pierre's General Shop", "Pierre's Shop", "Pierre's General Store", "Pierre's Store")
  • Disable or re-enable the changes to in-game times and clock to 24-hour (requires a game restart to take effect)

Note that this mod cannot change the spelling or language of other mods. If you want to create a localisation for one, you can do it by creating it for the "en-GB" locale.

There is an existing mod on Nexus here called Goodbye American English, which does a similar thing. However, the last time I checked it did so by way of a script which goes through the game's dialogue and changes it by a blacklist. Some Americanisms also remain, and it did not seem to catch some words with -ize spellings as opposed to the generally-preferred -ise spellings used more often in British English. In general I just wanted to change some things that this existing mod did not - it's a great mod!