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Changes american spelling and converts units to the metric system.

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Goodbye American English

Changes American spelling to British spelling.

Also changes the game units to the metric system and the season fall to autumn by default, this can be disabled in the config file

I've tried to be as thorough as I can but I may have missed some changes, let me know if you spot anything and I'll fix it up.

Please note that community bundle names will only be updated in new save files. Existing save files will still use "fall".


Version 1.4.0 introduced the ability to change the display names of any concession snack or object using the included NameReplacer.json file, think of this as an internal content pack. When entering name replacements make sure to put a comma at the end of each entry (except the last one).

You can safely delete this file if you don't want to change any names. If you want to replace names but have deleted the file, simply create a new JSON file with the name "NameReplacer" in the mod folder (don't put it in the assets folder)

Input name replacements for objects are in the form "ObjectID":"O/Name/NameToReplaceWith" (first field is a capital O) e.g "272":"O/Eggplant/Aubergine". Click here for object IDs

Input name replacements for concession snacks are in the form "SnackID":"C/Name/NameToReplaceWith" (first field is a capital C) e.g "0":"C/Cotton Candy/Fairy Floss"

SnackIDs are listed below:
Cotton Candy  - 0, Jasmine Tea  - 1, Joja Cola  - 2, Sour Slimes  - 3, Personal Pizza  - 4, Nachos  - 5, Salmon Burger  - 6, Ice Cream Sandwich - 7, Popcorn - 8, Fries - 9, Chocolate Popcorn - 10, Black Licorice - 11, Star Cookie - 12, Jawbreaker - 13, Salted Peanuts - 14, Hummus Snack Pack - 15
Kale Smoothie - 16, Apple Slices - 17, Panzanella Salad - 18
Truffle Popcorn - 19, Cappuccino Mousse Cake - 20, Joja Corn - 21, Stardrop Sorbet - 22, Rock Candy - 23

Version 1.4.0
- Added ability to replace object and concession names.
- Fish size is now correctly converted to centimetres.

To install:
- Ensure SMAPI is installed
- Simply unzip the download file into your Mods folder
- The config file will be generated when the game has been run at least once

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