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A simple, extensible, UI Framework

Permissions and credits
SAML is a UI Framework built on top of the game's menu system using its own easily extensible elements.
(Please keep in mind this is an alpha version of the mod, things are subject to change)
(Also keep in mind, that this mod requires at least the 1.6 alpha version to run, any version after September 2023 should work)

For a full list of current elements with a short description, please view this article

How to install : 
1. Install Smapi
2. Unzip the file and place it in the mod folder

How to start : 
(for a full example, see the optional example mod code)
1. Install the mod
2. Create a new project (just make sure to target .NET 6 instead of .NET 5)
3. Open the .csproj file
4. Add the following code block inside the <Project> tag
<GamePath>(Place the path to your game folder here)</GamePath>

<Reference Include="SAML">
5. Create a new class file called MyNewMenu.cs
6. Add " : Menu" after "class MyNewMenu"
7. Add a few elements, make sure to add them all to the Elements list of the menu
8. In the ModEntry.cs file, create a ButtonPressed event like so :
public override void Entry(IModHelper helper)
Helper.Events.Input.ButtonPressed += onButtonDown;

private void onButtonDown(object? sender, ButtonPressedEventArgs e)
if (!Context.CanPlayerMove) //Make sure the save has been loaded and no events / other menus are active
if (e.Button == SButton.OemQuotes) //The " key
Game1.activeClickableMenu = new MyNewMenu();
9. Run the project

Official documentation is in the works